Grade 6 to 9 PE

Crossing Park School Physical Education Program

Grade 7, 8, & 9 Expectations for 2022-2023

PE / HealthTeachers:

P.E. Mission Statement

You are not just a participant in Physical Education, you are all athletes in your own way!

1. Be prepared for class

  • Gym strip – all students must wear gym strip in class.
  • Proper athletic shoes – Provide good support and cushioning, non-marking soles.
  • Be on time for class

2. Safety First

  • Equipment 
    – No students will be allowed in the equipment room without permission by your gym teacher.
    – Do not touch or play with equipment that is out until given permission by your gym teacher.
    – Do not use equipment in an unsafe manner.
  • No food (gum, candy, etc.) will be allowed in the gym at any time. Although you may bring a bottle of water.
  • Jewelry must not be worn in gym class.
  • If you hear a whistle it means stop playing with the equipment and listen.

3. Non-Participation due to medical reasons

  • Medical concern for 1-3 days:
    – Submit a parent or guardian note explaining the medical concern or extent.
  • Medical concern that may affect participation throughout the year:
    – Submit a doctor’s note explaining the extent of the problem and what the students can and can’t do. We also need to be informed to when you are able to start participation again.

4. Respect

  • Show respect for all participants in the program, students and teachers alike. Show respect for equipment, facilities, and any invited guests or visitors.

5. Evaluation

  • Performs and refines movement skills (SKILLS).
    – Attempts to do the skills properly
    – Performs skill
    – Shows willingness to improve skills
  • Cooperates to demonstrate fair play and teamwork (Sportsmanship & Cooperation)
    – Respects all students
    –Plays fair and shows proper etiquette
    – Always works cooperatively, providing encouragement and support for others
  • Explores and applies strategies for leading a healthy, active way of life (Attitude & Effort / Gym Strip).
    – On task, takes initiative, and is open to trying new activities
    – Has a positive attitude and enthusiasm toward activities
    – Listens and pays attention to instruction and direction
    – Prepared for class

6. Locks/Locker Room

  • Lost locks should be reported to the PE department immediately. Replacements cost for a lock is $7.00. 
  • Students are asked to help keep the locker rooms clean and in good repair. They are also asked to respect the property of other students.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the locker rooms.
  • Ensure you always lock up all clothing and personal belongings during class.

Additional Information

Bulletin Boards

  • Athletics – tryouts, practices, games
  • Team pictures
  • Cobra of the Month – Leadership, Effort, Attitude, Participation
  • Intramural calendar and equipment sign out 7-9


  • Start at 12:00 - no students allowed in the hallway to the gym or in the gym until that time.
  • Students not allowed to enter after 12:10pm. 
  • Not allowed to change into your gym strip
  • Cannot eat or wait in the area between the 2 gym doors
  • Outdoor equipment – sign out sheet on door and equipment in red bin only


  • “Student Athletes” – sign an athletic contract – grades, behavior, attendance, balance
  • Soccer, Cross-Country, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, Badminton, Track and Field
  • Dance team

Athletic tryout form

  • All the boxes were marked for you, but you do not have to tryout for all sports

Locker Rooms & Locks

  •  locker partners
  • bringing a plastic bag to separate you clothes and belongings
  • get in and out quickly
  • misplaced/lost locks
  • use your own locker


  • Grade 6 only

Gym strip

  • Gr. 7-9 (available at lunch or after school)
  • PE lost and found
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