​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Course Options

2022-23 Complementary Courses – Grades 7, 8, 9

Crossing Park School is proud to offer a wide variety of complementary courses across the areas of Fine Arts (FA) and Career & Technology Foundations (CTF) for our students in middle school. Our complementary program focuses on providing opportunities for our students to develop and enhance individual expression, creativity and imagination through exploration of new curricular areas and future career fields. We strongly believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit that extends beyond curricular boundaries and we encourage our students to grow as learners in the areas of personal development, character and interpersonal/group skills. 

All students are required to choose at least one FA class and at least one CTF during the school year. Students will then choose the remaining two classes based on their individual area of interest and pursuit. 

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See you back Monday, August 15th! https://t.co/v0IfvDAxRY

Happy Retirement, Ms. Macleod, Mr. Batley, Mrs. Jones and Ms. Kenney! https://t.co/OiHUuC03s7

We were so excited to present our Grade 9 Farewell tonight! We have a hardworking group of student and staff volunteers that made tonight possible. Congratulations on all of your successes, Grade 9s. We sure will miss you!

We love seeing our students collaborate! Being a K-9 school sure has its perks! #mentorship #WeAreCBE https://t.co/by2B225i9B