Auto Body Services

Auto Body services are provided by the CTC Auto Body students. The CTC Auto Body's goal is to give students the skills of the auto body trade. "What is best for students" is our priority: instructors provide guidance and students perform the hands-on work.

We appreciate your vehicle as a potential training project tool for students. If you have an estimate from a body shop, please bring it along for comparison in order to make the best service choice for you and your situation.

Contact Us | 403-243-4500 - ext. 7125 or email Mr. Fulginiti or Mr. Budd with details.

Auto Detailing

All work is completed by any of our students depending on demand. It is a required course of the Explore Program requirements that students perform details for credit. Consultation required – please call 403-243-4500 ext. 7125 for a consultation or email Mr. Mautone

Standard Detail (Appointment Required): $40

  • Interior vacuumed
  • Interior wiped down
  • Windows cleaned
  • Exterior soap and rinse

Other services available at an extra charge (consultation required):

  • Exterior decontamination
  • Waxing
  • Steam cleaning of stains
  • Interior Shine and Protection
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Wet sand and Polish
  • Rock Chip touch up


Only two cars will be booked in a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Vehicles MUST be in before 9:00 am or 12:00 pm respectively.

It is not our responsibility to remind you of your book in date. If you miss your date and time you will have to re-book if there is a spot available. 

Requirements for vehicle: 

  • Any papers, cups or debris left in vehicle will be removed.  
  • Trunks that are full of stuff will not be cleaned. 
  • Baby seats will not be removed because of liability. If you remove them we can clean in and around. 
  • Money or personal belongings left in a vehicle are your responsibility. 

Payment must be made before the vehicle is released to you. If you miss the delivery time, the vehicle may be required to stay overnight. 


This is student work and they sometimes make mistakes. Most have never cleaned a car before. If your expecting professional grade, perfect detailing at a fraction of the cost please reconsider. I provide this link for educational purposes for costs of professional detailing services: Country Hills Auto Spa Detail Prices Comparison 

Collision and Paint Repair

Consultation is required with visual inspection of the vehicle. Please do not give us pictures. We must see the vehicle in person to ensure the best possible consultation – please call 403-243-4500 ext. 7125 for an appointment or email Mr. Fulginiti or Mr. Budd with details. 

Specialized, Advanced or Credentialed students under the supervision of a Journeyman Auto Body Technician perform all of our work at a reduced cost to you our customers. There is a  shop fee of $200 per job for the use of our booth. Parts and materials are cost plus 20%.


Customer vehicles will be repaired based on student progress and education, not on a personal deadline.  

Students are performing the work, therefore small mistakes or blemishes will be present on their work. We strive to have excellent work produced at our facility but ultimately there will be some minor flaws or problems with the work. Figure 90% correct or higher depending on skill level or complexity of the job.   

Full-Complete Restorations and Refinishing of vehicles is highly demanding and challenging for regular auto body technicians to complete so understand the pressures on high school students. 

Glass Replacement

We arrange to have a glass company replace your windshield in our shop. Students will learn by observing glass replacements done by industry professionals. A price will be quoted for you before any work is done, and includes a detailing of the car at no extra charge. A standard shop fee of $50 is applied to your bill for the use of our facilities while your car is here. Direct payment to the glass company may be required. 

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