Our Staff

The Career and Technology Centre

2336 – 53 Ave. S.W. Calgary, AB T3E 1L2
Phone: 403-243-4500  Fax: 403-777-6299 Emailctcentre@cbe.ab.ca


Position Name / Email, Phone Extension
Principal Anne Kromm  ext. 8880
Assistant PrincipalJerry Mah  ext. 7604
Brian Cheney
Krishani Starnes
SecretaryKaren Friel   ext. 7600
FacilitiesLily Wang ext. 7101

Department Staff

Auto BodyTitle, Phone Extension
Customer Line403-243-4500 ext. 7125
Jason BuddTeacher  ext. 7125
Jessica AndersonTeacher  ext. 7125
Frank FulginitiInstructor  ext. 7125
Gerry MautoneInstructor  ext. 7125
Customer Line403-243-4500 ext. 7135
Theresa GarlandTeacher   ext. 7135
Kaitlyn GreenTeacher  ext. 7135
Melissa Mossfeldt
Teacher  ext. 7135
TBAInstructor  ext. 7135
Heather Gould – Hawke
Teacher  ext. 7476
Joanne Leclair
Teacher  ext. 7424
Jehan Hajar
Baking Instructor ext. 7488
Jonathan HoltInstructor ext. 7493
Travis Boyce Teacher  ext. 7123
Ray Rhodes Teacher ext. 7123
Media Design & Communications
 Lane Turner Teacher  ext. 7212/7482
Energy & Environmental Innovation
 Sean GreenTeacher ext. 7614
Tunde AkandeInstructor  ext. 7614
Kristen ByrnesTeacher ext. 7102
IT Essentials
Computer Science
Ryan RichardsonTeacher ext.7102
Business Fundamentals 
Lisa NielsenTeacher ext. 7609
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