Skills Canada provides an excellent venue for students to show their trade skills to the industry at large. They promote excellence in trade and technology skills. We have had students compete in various competitions including Hairstyling, Welding, Baking, Culinary Arts, Autobody Repair, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Job Skill Demonstration, Mechanical CADD and Video Production.

  • Regionals - March/April
  • Provincials - May 6-7
  • Nationals - May 27-30

Welding Rodeo

The welding rodeo is a skills competition that showcases students’ technical, problem-solving and leadership abilities.  Students in teams of four participate in various practical challenges designed to test the necessary skills required in order to be competitive in technology and trade occupations.

Welding Rodeo Webpage

High School Engineering Competition (HSEC) 

This event, organized by the Engineering Students' Society at the University of Calgary, seeks to increase STEM interest and education for high school students, through hands on competition experience. HSEC is modeled after the Schulich Engineering Competition (SEC) which is an annual competition hosted by ESS, for engineering students.

  • Mechanical Design - Teams of 4 students collaborate to solve an engineering problem, then present and demonstrate their solution. Past competitions have included designing bridges, catapults or water filters from simple media, such as popsicle sticks, solo cups, straws. 
  • Re-engineering - Teams of 2 students collaborate to take an existing engineering concept, product, technique, or technology and improve on its design to suit an alternative situation or application. This can be done either by adding new features or improving an original function. Teams will then get to present a PowerPoint, followed by a question and answer period, as well as submit a report on their re-engineered case.

Alberta Skills Cardboard Canoe Races

Armed with cardboard, duct tape and a few other odds and ends, students use their skill and ingenuity to transform these materials into a vessel for the water. Not only does their "boat" need to be quick, but it must be capable of carrying passengers as well.

This challenge is open-ended and problem-solving in nature. It involves design, research & presentation, principles of structure, strength, rigidity, water permeability, propulsion, friction and direction control, buoyancy and displacement, adhesives and bonding, teamwork and FUN!

CTC Hair Show Competition

Held annually in May, students compete among each other in the categories of:

  • Fantasy Hair & Makeup, 
  • Trend Cut & Colour, and 
  • Nail Art. 

Cake Decorating Competition

This annual competition takes place in November at the CT Centre. The students are provided with a theme and get to create there own 2 tier cake design to be completed within an allotted time frame. This competition is hosted by the Calgary Chefs Association for inspiring young chefs to create a safe and fun environment to practice being creative and learn from industry professionals. 

High School Baking Challenge

This is a paired event in which teams make a selection of pastries and breads within an allotted time frame. In 2020, this event is being held at Nelson Mandela High School but hosts may vary each year. This is also a Calgary Chefs Association funded event to bridge the gap being youth and professional chefs.    

High School Hot Food Culinary Challenge

In 2020, this event is hosted at the CT Centre but hosts may vary each year. Each two-member team of High School students will prepare 3 servings of a two-course meal (entrée with starch, vegetable and sauce; dessert fruit sauce). This is also a Calgary Chefs Association funded event to bridge the gap being youth and professional chefs.    

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