Business Fundamentals

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This course is within the Finance and Marketing domains of fundamental business practices. In the financial management portion, students will complete a spectrum of financial literacy and general accounting principles. The management and marketing component provides basic management concepts to students, and describes retail merchandising strategies of value to the employee, manager and/or owner. 

Business Fundamentals - Introductory

The Management & Marketing modules of the course introduces students to basic management concepts, while analyzing and applying a number of marketing tactics. Students will learn to identify and describe target markets and work to create value propositions, improving the competitive advantage of various businesses. In the Financial Accounting modules students are introduced to accounting terminology and will become familiar with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. They will also be introduced to the accounting cycle and will analyze and record business transactions. In the Entrepreneurship module students will compare and assess a variety of venture opportunities and ideas related to owning and running a business. They will apply entrepreneurial strategies in order to generate potential business venture opportunities, and work to design and pitch those ideas in simulated attempt to receive financing.

Business Fundamentals - Intermediate

In the financial management portion, students will apply specialized accounting procedures associated with buying and selling goods in a retail system. In the management and marketing portion, students will demonstrate basic managerial skills, by assuming roles and responsibilities of management in order to coordinate available resources and achieve quality results. In the entrepreneurial component, students will Students create and assess a venture plan. The financial management modules, explore the accounting cycle in more depth, as students learn to analyze and record a variety of business transactions, journalize and adjust accounts, and close financial statements at the year end. The management modules will have students identify, outline, and apply different management styles, techniques, and strategies in order to improve operational quality. The entrepreneurial modules will have students implementing their own business venture, managing each aspect, and analyzing their progress over a given period.

Business Fundamentals - Advanced

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