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PositionName & Email
PrincipalChris Keuben
Assistant PrincipalJulie Muhlberger

Teaching Staff

Grade 5 Team 
Poliquin, Vicky - Grade 5FI Generalist / FLA7
Richard, Martine - Grade 5FI Generalist / Foods/Drama
Grade 6/7 Team 
Arsenault, Jacques - Humanities 6FI/Comm Tech
Bazinet, Monique - Math 7 Reg, Math/Sci 7FI/PE/Sci 8
Khoo, Eshea - Humanities 6/7FI
McMorran, Meaghan - SS7FI/ELA / Leadership
Poirier, Johanne Math/Sci 6FI/Art
Plante, Marie-Andreanne (Humanities 6FI/Art)
Soufi, Karim Math/Sci 6/7FI
Strickland, Trista Humanities 7Reg/ELA 6
Turcotte, Claudia - Grade 7FI Generalist/Outdoor Ed
Grade 8/9 Team 
Beaudoin, Ben - LL (French Humanities) / SS 8/9FI / Outdoor Education
Comeau, Sarah - FLA 8/9
Descoteaux, Pierre - Sci 8/9FI
Feke, Heather - Humanities 8Reg/ELA 9
Howlett, Kristin - SS8FI/Math/Sci 9Reg/Leadership 9
Leavitt, Karyn - ELA 8, Dance/Drama
Soliman, Nader - Math 8/Math/Sci 9
Tetreault, Simon - Math/Sci LL / Math 8/9)
Thorpe-Fedchun, Jennifer - LL (English Humanities) - Humanities 9Reg
Hidalgo, Erin - LL (PE and CTF)
Thalheimer, David - PE
McClary, Casey - Music/Foods
Shannon, Brad - Construction
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