The following school athletic teams may be offered for girls and boys in grades 6 to 9: soccer, cross country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track and field. Participation in these programs is optional and will be based on the interest  and ability of the students and availability of school staff to coach or sponsor a  team. There are limited spots available in these programs, thus the criteria for participation is set out at the first try-out for each team. There is a fee for each athletic team to help cover the cost of tournaments, referees and team uniforms.

Basketball: Starting January 7, 2021

Please see the tryout schedule and Division schedule in the Resource section. 


Senior Boys: Mr. Soliman

Senior Girls: Mme Khoo

Junior Boys: Mme Howlett / Mrs. Collis

Junior Girls: Mme Monique /Mme Korpela

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