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Alberta Learning - A Parent Resource

This resource will provide you with a better understanding of Alberta’s curriculum and related information for your child. This tool can help you discover what your child is learning, how they’re assessed and what resources are available to help them be successful from Kindergarten to Grade 12. You can also find "Grade At A Glance" documents for each grade level in PDF format under "Resources".

DTS Blogs

For the 2020-2021 school year each teacher will have a blog. The intent of the blog is to give parents a general idea of what's happening in their students' courses. More specific information regarding task instructions and course content can be found on either the teachers' D2L or Google Classroom sites. All teachers will be using D2L except our two Grade 5 teachers. Blog addresses will be updated by the end of the week (Sept.8-11). 

Teaching Assignment                                                      
 Link to blog                                     
Parent Resource BlogParent blog
Mme RichardGrade 5 Generalist (5-1)                                                                                  Blog link
Mme PoliquinGrade 5 Generalist (5-2)5-2 :
FLA 7-3:
Mme PlanteFrench Humanities 6 / Art 9Blog link
M. ArsenaultFrench Humanities 6 / Comm Tech / PE6Blog link
Mme PoirierMath/Science 6 FI/ PE5/Art 5Blog link
M. Soufi Math/Science 6/7 FI Blog link
Ms. StricklandHub - ELA 8D2L
Mme Khoo Humanities 6/7 FI Blog link
Mme BazinetMath/Sci 7/8 Math/Sci 7FI PE7Blog link
Mme McMorran Social Studies FI / ELA 7 / Art 7/8Blog link
Mme TurcotteGrade 7 FI GeneralistBlog link
Ms. FekeGrade 8 Humanities / Grade 9 ELABlog link
Ms. LeavittELA 7/8Blog link
Ms. HowlettGrade 7 Humanities/Grade 8 SS FIBlog link
M. Fedchun Grade 9 Humanities / LeadershipBlog link
M. BeaudoinGrade 8/9 SS FI, Outdoor Ed 8/9Blog link
Mr. Soliman Grade 8 Math FI / Math/Sci 8/9/PE7Blog link
M. Tetreault Grade 8/9 Math FI / Math 8 / PE9Blog link
M. Descoteaux Science 8/9 FIBlog link
Mme ComeauFLA 8/9Blog link
Ms. Hidalgo Physical EducationBlog link
Mr. ThalheimerPhysical Education / Film Studies Blog link
Mr. McClary Music / FoodsGoogle Classroom : Code z5so7rm
Mr. Shannon Construction Google Classroom : Code z5so7rm

 Changes to Homeroom Lists 

Our teachers have worked hard to create balanced class lists and provide students with the best possible complementary course selections. Because of this, we will not be moving students into new classes except in extenuating circumstances. We know that school start up can be hard on adolescents if they do not know anyone on the first day. Thus, we have planned some activities that will help students make connections during the first few weeks of school. You can help by discussing with your child how they may handle a challenging social situation where they feel they do not know anyone. Share strategies that your child can use to make new friends and reassure them that many students have these same feelings on the first day but that it will get better. 

We believe strongly in the parent-teacher partnership in support of student success. Parents are encouraged to check the teacher blogs regularly and to contact their child’s teachers by phone or e-mail at any time during the school year to discuss student progress.

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