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For the 2020-2021 school year each teacher will have a blog. The intent of the blog is to give parents a general idea of what's happening in their students' courses. More specific information regarding task instructions and course content can be found on either the teachers' D2L or Google Classroom sites. All teachers will be using D2L except our two Grade 5 teachers. 

TeacherTeaching AssignmentLink to Blog
Parent Resource BlogParent blog
Mme RichardGrade 5 Generalist (5-1)                                                                      Blog link
Mme PoliquinGrade 5 Generalist (5-2)5-2 : https://madamevicky52.blogspot.com/
FLA 7-3: https://madamevickyfla73.blogspot.com/
Mme PlanteFrench Humanities 6 / Art 9Blog link
M. ArsenaultFrench Humanities 6 / Comm Tech / PE6Blog link
Mme PoirierMath/Science 6 FI/ PE5/Art 5Blog link
M. Soufi Math/Science 6/7 FI Blog link
Ms. StricklandHub - ELA 8D2L
Mme Khoo Humanities 6/7 FI Blog link
Mme BazinetMath/Sci 7/8 Math/Sci 7FI PE7Blog link
Mme McMorran Social Studies FI / ELA 7 / Art 7/8Blog link
Mme TurcotteGrade 7 FI Generalist / Outdoor EdBlog link
Ms. FekeGrade 8 Humanities / Grade 9 ELA / Grade 6-1 ELA / PE9Blog link
Ms. LeavittELA 7/8 and Drama/ArtBlog link
Ms. HowlettGrade 7 Humanities/Grade 8 SS FI/ELA 6Blog link
M. Fedchun Grade 9 Humanities / Leadership / PE7Blog link
M. BeaudoinGrade 8/9 SS FI, Outdoor Ed 8/9Blog link
Mr. Soliman Grade 8 Math FI / Math/Sci 8/9/PE7Blog link
M. Tetreault Grade 8/9 Math FI / Math 8 / PE9Blog link
M. Descoteaux Science 8/9 FIBlog link
Mme ComeauFLA 8/9Blog link
Ms. Hidalgo Physical EducationBlog link
Mr. ThalheimerPhysical Education / Film Studies Blog link
Mr. McClary Music / FoodsGoogle Classroom : Code z5so7rm
Mr. Shannon Construction / PE 8-3Google Classroom : Code z5so7rm
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RT @tuscany_cbe: We are all unique / Nous sommes tous uniques Tuscany School's students came together to each create their own quilt piece representing how we are all unique. We are all different, and that's awesome! https://t.co/8mVAXXdchu

RT @DalhousieCBE: @DalhousieCBE students came with their favorite math elements for our Dress Up Like Math Day. Our students were incredibly creative with their mathematical ideas! #SomosDalhousie #WeAreCBE @yyCBEdu https://t.co/bfVZQZaGn1

RT @WilliamreidC: Students enjoying our beautiful sunrise! #wearecbe https://t.co/196Mh5FlaP

Did you attend Alex Munro School? They're looking for photos and memories for their 50th birthday celebrations this year #WeAreCBE https://t.co/XgcYCu2tCh