Sep 29
Principal's Message - September 29th, 2020

One month of in-person learning during a pandemic and we are still doing great! Again, I just have to thank all or our families for the support you offer to your children and to us. At the risk of understating the issue, it has been a different experience starting back to school during a pandemic. At the same time, things have occurred that have made us an even stronger community.

We have adjusted our re-entry plan slightly to include:

  1. At lunchtime:
    1. Grade 1, 2 and 3 students eat first and our grades 4, 5 & 6 students come into their rooms to eat at 12:13.
    2. The Brakeman Foundation continues to donate white milk for our students to be distributed at lunchtime. If you do NOT want your child to receive milk, please inform the school.
    3. Grade 6 AMA Safety Patrols started this week but will NOT be providing patrol service at lunchtime. If your child goes home for lunch and crossed 146th Ave, please keep in mind that there will be NO crossing guards.
  2. We overrode the “one-way only" hallway in the front hall during our fire drill to accommodate 2 classes exiting the building at once and still maintain physical distancing
  3. Mrs. Grady is bringing library books to classrooms for “no-touch" browsing and then signing books out for the students. When books have been returned, they will go into a 'quarantine bin' before being re-shelved.
  4. Grade 6 student patrols will be starting on Monday, Sept 28th with new protocols in place to maintain physical distancing and sanitize equipment.
  5. Our grade 1, 2 & 3 teachers are currently working out a way to set up home reading books without compromising our sanitation protocols. Stay tuned for news on how this will look.



Sorry to nag, but…

  1. A reminder that the creative playground is closed before and after school
  2. Traffic continues to be a concern. Please remember
    • No U-turns are allowed in a playground zone
    • Jay-walking is illegal
    • Children cannot be dropped off in the staff parking lot
    • Do not cut across the staff parking lot with your children
    • There is no stopping or parking in the bus zone directly in front of the school
  3. Please have your child keep an extra, labelled mask available at school. All students were provided with reusable masks at the beginning of the year (the CBE distributed over 300,000 reusable masks). Providing students with disposable masks if they forget to bring a mask is not a sustainable practice long term.


October Events

9              Professional Development Day – no school for students

12           Thanksgiving Day – school closed

30           Professional Development Day – no school for students


November Events

2              Photo Retakes

10           Virtual Remembrance Day assembly 

11           Remembrance Day – school closed

19           Kindergarten Parent Teacher Conference – no school for Kindergarten students

20           Kindergarten Parent Teacher Conference / Professional Development Day – no school for all students


Please review our Deer Run School Handbook for additional dates and Deer Run School information at


Marlene Ray


Jun 30
Principal's Message - June 30th, 2020

At the risk of stating the obvious, what a year it’s been!  It seems like about a million years ago that we were welcoming students back in September without any inkling of the COVID rollercoaster ride we were in for. The challenges this year brought only just gave me more reason to be incredibly proud of our students, staff and our parent community. We have worked together to ensure student success and we came up total gold stars! Certainly, the pandemic has had an impact on how learning continued, but the year really wasn’t all about a pandemic. It was about students celebrating learning, parents supporting students and staff doing all that they do every day of every year to ensure each student meets with success. We will remember this year - but will not let it define us!


Staff Changes

Next year will bring with it minimal staff changes, however, the following staff members will be moving on to different positions within CBE:

·       Sarah Kornelson, Indigenous Educational Learning Leader

·       Lori Martens, Educational Assistant

·       Shashi Bhadoria, Tasc teacher

·       Wanda Howell - Tasc Educational Assistant

·       Sameena Anjum – Tasc Educational Assistant

We sincerely thank all of the above for the passion, dedication and knowledge they brought to Deer Run during their time with us. We will miss them and wish them all the best in their new positions.

Back to School Information

The anticipation of how September will look is on the forefront of our minds and planning is currently underway for what the 2020-21 school year might look like for students, staff, and families.  The CBE has created an internal task force with representatives from every service unit to lead the planning for each different scenario.  All of these decisions will be guided by the advice of the province’s chief medical officer of health and Alberta Education guidelines. The safety and well-being of our students and staff will come first in any decisions we make. More information will be provided to families as our plans become more solidified.

Enjoy safe and relaxing summer!


Marlene Ray​

Jun 14
Spring_Summer 2019

Newsletter | June 2019

Principal Message – Marlene Ray

June is always a busy time, but also a time to reflect on the year. Deer Run School is a happening place and without the assistance of all of our dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish half of what we do. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, siblings, organizations and sometimes even random strangers who volunteer at our school. You fundraise, celebrate, read with students, practice math, laugh, play games, golf and construct. I truly believe Deer Run School is a community of people working together for the benefit of our children and I truly appreciate the efforts of all of our volunteers and the positive relationships we have been able to build working together. Be sure to mark June 6th on your calendar because at 1:00 we will pay tribute to your commitment through food, songs, liquid refreshments and perhaps even a very short speech or two!


Did I mention in the first paragraph about June being a busy time? Well, here’s a quick list of the events taking place through to the end of the year: (Nothing like ramping up to ramp down!)


·       May 25th & June 1st - SaturPLAY 10:00

·       June 4th to 7th - Scholastic Book Fair

·       June 5th - Grade 1 Assembly - 1:30

·       June 6th - Volunteer Tea 1:30

·       June 11th - Alex Dental Bus grades 2 & 6 - PM

·       June 12th & 13th - Lacrosse Program

·       June 18th - student breakfast volunteer celebration (Details to follow)

·       June 18th - Patrol appreciation event at Fish Creek Park

·       June 19th - Grade 6 golf (June 20th alternate)

·       June 21st - Sports Day (alternate June 24th)

·       June 24th - Healthy Hunger day - The Lunch Lady

·       June 26th - Grade 6 Farewell Celebration - 10:30

·       June 26th – Report Cards go home and last day of school

·       June 27th - Appeal Day (If have any queries about your child’s report card marks)


 As we look towards next year, remember to let the office know if you are planning to move. We are currently setting up classes and if our student count is accurate now, it will result in fewer changes to be made in September. As always, we appreciate your input in regards to your child’s placement next year. If you have thoughts about a best-case scenario regarding a learning environment for your child, we need to know now as opposed to September. Since we do not know yet exactly which staff members will be teaching in which grades, please do not request specific teachers. However, if you have insight as to how your child learns; please inform us in writing as to the type of environment you believe might be best suited to your child.


If we don’t connect between now and the end of June, have a most relaxing yet fun-filled summer break!  



Deer Run School Council (DRSC) Meeting Minutes



Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Location:  Deer Run School at 6:30 p.m.

Free Babysitting Provided




Chair:                                                   Noella Koop (NK)-Present

Vice Chair:                                           Clare Yates (CY)-Present

Treasurer:                                            Beth Van Beek (BVB)-Present

Secretary:                                            Kate Yetman (KY)-Present

Volunteer Coordinator:                         Shannon Yerxa (SY)-Absent

Casino Coordinator:                             Kayleigh Howard (KH)-Present

Fundraising Coordinator:                      Tammy Madsen (TM)-Absent

Key Communicator:                              Shawna Burley (SB)-Absent

Administrator:                                       Marlene Ray (MR, Principal)-Present

Administrator:                                       David Laidlaw (DL, Assistant Principal)-Present


Additional School Council Members and Teacher(s) in Attendance:  Roberta Shaw (RS), Wendy Earl (WE), Susan Michaud (SM, Teacher), Judy Knee (JK), Trevor Knee (TK), Josh Morison (JM), Lyndsey Hampton (LH), Angela Callbeck (AC)




Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM




It was moved by CY and seconded by LH that the agenda be adopted-motion carried




It was moved by KH and seconded by LH that the last meeting minutes be adopted-motion carried




1.     Spring Concert - huge success … AND fun!


2.     Math night - excellent, great attendance, thanks for the funding council!


3.     New Area Director - Ann Ard


4.     Kindergarten Orientation - May 16th (45 registered thus far)

§  -Potentially a 3rd class will need to be utilized again

§  -NK will do a quick speech to introduce new parents to our School Council (thanks Noella!)


5.     Wilma Hansen Band workshop - here May 22nd

§  -Grade 6 get to try the instruments


6.     Volunteer Tea - June 6th - 1:30 (Spring Picnic Theme)


7.     June 18th - breakfast volunteer celebration


8.     June 18th - Patrol Celebration - Fish Creek Park with a pizza lunch


9.     Sports Day - June 21, alternate June 24 

§  -Popcorn Sale Day

§  -All of Kindergarten is invited to come this year!


10.  Grade 6 Golf at Oxbow - June 19th

§  -Strathmore Golf Course (the whole day is complimentary)

§  -Fee for Bus (covered by parents via field trip fees earlier this year)


11.  Grade 6 Farewell June 26th 10:30 AM

§  Volunteers - Lilly Low, Deb Fettig, Sarah Jane Blomfield  & Shawna Sharp (these are the lead volunteers, others will be needed as well, thanks CY for adding your name!)

§  BBCC Up-dates (Bow Bottom Community Coalition)

§  Community Festival - June 30th, No Frills parking lot – starts at 10 am

§  Community Garden Plots - 8 left

§  SummerPLAY - at Deer Park

o   free summer day camp (includes breakfast and lunch)

o   ages 5 - 12

o   July 16 to 19 & 23rd to 26th PLUS August 6 to 9th & 13th to 16th

o   LIT Training - student volunteers needed to create a real live counsellor training experience - June 12th & 19th (starting around 4:30 for an hour or so)



Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch

-A teacher suggested that we order in Chinese food

-We need to still pick a date



PATs (Grade 6)

-Newspaper stories were written last week (a 4-hour test) so the first PAT is done already

-Teachers do lots of prep with the students to prepare them for these tests.  Additionally, this year we had Sigmund Brouwer do a one-day workshop with Grade 5 & 6 students helping them to learn how to prepare a story.

-Handout Given:  5 Tips to reduce Test Anxiety in Children (on one side) and the other side had a list of things that cannot be measured on a test such as a student’s compassion, patience, perseverance, etc.

-There will be 6 tests in total this time as Math will now be done over 2 days



-All positions are ideally held for a two-year commitment (where possible, but of course unforeseen circumstances can shorten a person’s ability to commit for two years and will be respected)


CY motioned to elect Roberta Shaw to the position of Chair, LH seconded the motion, and RS accepted the nomination– motion carried (Thanks Roberta!)

Vice Chair

RS motioned to elect Wendy Earl to the position of Vice Chair, LH seconded the motion, and WE accepted the nomination– motion carried (Thanks Wendy!)


BVB has agreed to keep fulfilling the role of Treasurer in the interim as unfortunately no candidates were identified tonight.  It is, however, our hope that a new candidate for Treasurer will be willing to put their name forward to be voted on in a Fall meeting as BVB has indicated her wish to keep her years as Treasurer at a very respectable and much appreciated 5 years (Thanks Beth!)


KH motioned to elect Judy Knee to the position of Secretary, CY seconded the motion, and JK accepted the nomination— motion carried (Thanks Judy!)





ADJOURNMENT (DREPA meeting to follow immediately afterwards!)

It was moved by BVB and seconded by JM that the DRSC meeting be adjourned and we move immediately into the DREPA meeting at 7:20 PM-motion carried



Deer Run Elementary Parents Association (DREPA) Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, May 14th, 2019



Chair:                                                   Noella Koop (NK)-Present

Vice Chair:                                           Clare Yates (CY)-Present

Treasurer:                                            Beth Van Beek (BVB)-Present

Secretary:                                            Kate Yetman (KY)-Present

Volunteer Coordinator:                         Shannon Yerxa (SY)-Absent

Casino Coordinator:                             Kayleigh Howard (KH)-Present

Fundraising Coordinator:                      Tammy Madsen (TM)-Absent

Key Communicator:                              Shawna Burley (SB)-Absent

Administrator:                                       Marlene Ray (MR, Principal)-Present

Administrator:                                       David Laidlaw (DL, Assistant Principal)-Present


Additional School Council Members and Teacher(s) in Attendance:  Roberta Shaw (RS), Wendy Earl (WE), Susan Michaud (SM, Teacher), Judy Knee (JK), Josh Morison (JM), Lyndsey Hampton (LH), Angela Callbeck (AC), Trevor Knee (TK)




Meeting called to order at 7:21 PM



It was moved by AC and seconded by JK that the agenda be adopted-motion carried



It was moved by RS and seconded by JM that the last meeting minutes be adopted-motion carried



(Please note that further details surrounding our accounts can be provided upon request, a summary will be provided here)


Society Annual Review

Financial statements have been reviewed. The society annual return is ready to be mailed in.


Summary of Funds


$20,818.24                  Bank Statement Balance as of April 30th, 2019

  (3,000.00)                  Approved/Allocated to come out of account

$17,818.24                  Approximate Total-Regular Account



  $70,465.37                Bank Statement Balance as of April 30th, 2019

  (30,866.33)                Approved/Allocated to come out of account

  $39,599.04                Approximate Total-Casino Account






Volunteer Coordinator

Lyndsey Hampton put her name forward-thank-you!

Fundraising Coordinator

To be filled once a volunteer has been identified

Key Communicator

Josh Morison put his name forward-thank-you!



Kindergarten Orientation

It was moved by WE and seconded by AC that we approve up to $300 for goodie bags and snacks from our Regular Account-motion carried

Classroom Activity Allotment per Student

It was moved by AC and seconded by JK that we approve up to $34 per student for field trips and classroom presentations for the 2019/2020 school year from our Casino Account-motion carried

Popcorn Supplies

It was moved by LH and seconded by CY that we approve up to $200 for popcorn supplies to cover off our May & June needs from our Regular Account-motion carried

Annual Teacher’s Luncheon

It was moved by KH and seconded by JM that we approve up to $600 for an “order in” style luncheon for teachers (likely Chinese food) from our Regular Account-motion carried


It was moved by CY and seconded by WE that we approve $320 for 2 babysitters at each of the required 8 meetings/school year (by way of $20 each in a Walmart gift card previously) from our Regular Account-motion carried



New Cheque Signers

-Chair, Vice Chair, & Treasurer (so 3 people have signing authority) will need to complete the bank paperwork necessary to take over cheque signing authority for our DREPA Regular account as well as the Casino account

-Please bring the minutes in from our DRSC AGM (i.e. the meeting that came right before this one!) in case the bank wants to see where you were elected into the positions

-Please confirm what other things such as identification may need to be provided (i.e. personal identification, for example, like a driver’s license)

Changing the Meeting Date:  Yes or No?

-After a long discussion, it was decided that the new day for monthly meetings will be the 2nd Wednesday of the month starting Wednesday, September 11th 2019

-The 2nd Wednesday should work well for September, October, & November 2019 (December gets skipped), the 3rd Wednesday in January 2020 is likely best (fyi), and then February, March, April, and May 2020 (May AGM) being the 2nd Wednesday again



-Please join us to celebrate another great year at Filo’s Restaurant at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

-Please note that this event is not considered to be an official meeting and is not sponsored by DREPA (fyi). Our next two “official” consecutive meetings will be held in September 2019 on Wednesday, September 11th.

-It was moved by WE and seconded by AC that the meeting be adjourned at at 7:47 PM-motion carried



Important Information

Please refer to our school website throughout June and the summer for Back to School Information. 


Transportation and Noon Supervision is available online through your “My CBE/Powerschool” account.


Please ensure that you “Subscribe to Stay Informed” to receive commercial messages from the CBE which would include topics such as picture days, student fees, field trip costs, Healthy Hunger lunches and more.   To subscribe go to


 ​June 2019


























Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair

Grade 1 Assembly at 1:30

Scholastic Book Fair

Volunteer Tea @ 1:30

Scholastic Book Fair











Gr 6 S.S. PAT

Gr 6 Math PAT

Lacrosse Program

Gr 6 LA Pat

Lacrosse Program











Gr 6 Science PAT

Patrol Appreciation Event at Fish Creek Park



Sports Day

Popcorn Sales










Alternate Sports Day

Healthy Hunger Lunch


Grade 6 Farewell @ 10:30

Report Cards

Last Student Day

Dismissal at 12:30



8:00 – 12:00 noon

No School for Students

Organizational Day

















Feb 07
Winter 2019

Newsletter | Winter 2019

Principal Message – Marlene Ray

We’ve had many complaints about dangerous traffic situations happening around our school where there exists a strong potential for a student to get hurt. We consistently see parents jay walking with their children, U-turns right in the middle of the street and students cutting through the staff or community parking lots. I fear that at some point this is going to result in serious injury.  Please, please, please follow these safety tips from AMA to keep our kids safe:

Extra Attention in Drop-Off & Pick-Up Zones

·        Avoid jaywalking and illegal U-turns. (Our police resource officer has informed us that any U-turn within a playground or school zone is illegal.)

Avoid School Parking Lots

·       Poor visibility and cramped spaces make parking lots dangerous for pedestrians. Please respect the ‘No Student Drop Off” signs in our staff parking lot and encourage your kids to walk around, rather than cut through. 

Point, Pause, Proceed at Crosswalks

·       Tell your children how to cross safely using the Point, Pause, Proceed method, and then show them you mean it by setting a good example. Use the crosswalk, cross at the corner, and make eye contact with drivers. Make sure the vehicle stops before stepping off the curb.

School Bus Zones

·       Buses have big blind spots and poor manoeuvrability, which is why we put the bus loading zones as close to the school as possible. Parking in the bus zone, even for a few moments, just adds to the congestion. 

Set a Respectful Example

·       We’ve all heard the expression “Do as I say, not as I do,” but it’s time to start walking the talk in school zones. From obeying speed limits and no parking zones, to hopping off our bikes at crosswalks, and making eye contact with drivers, setting a good example teaches our children be safety leaders.

Have you ever had a conversation with your child that went something like this?

You: What did you do at school today?

Child: Nothing

Then this newsletter is for you!


If you want to get your kids talking about school experiences, try asking specific questions about some of the things that you, as a Conscientious Newsletter Reader, now know will be happening at school!

Technology Club Grant:

Led by Mrs. Michaud, our Grade 5/6 Technology Club was able to secure a financial grant from Education Matters of $4118 dollars.  This grant has allowed our school to significantly upgrade our Robotics Program.  Grade 4-6 students in our Technology Club are now able to work with Botley, Sphero, and Lego Robotics.  The students in this club are working hard at understanding the coding language and design behind the new devices and intend to share this learning with younger students.

Calgary Opera:

On February 21st at 10 AM, the Calgary Opera will be performing Nemorino and the Magic Potion.  This is a fully staged production with keyboard accompaniment, sets and costumes. It will be performed by the young professional singers of Calgary Opera’s Emerging Artist Development Program.  As always, parents are welcome to join us to watch this performance. 

Mission Impossible

During the week of February 4th to February 8th ask your kids how they did in Mission Impossible. This obstacle course is something students look forward to every year and they become very serious about setting goals to improve each time they enter the course. Your kids will entertain you with stories about how well they did and the strategies they used for getting further along the course.

Winter Walk Day

Every winter thousands of Albertans celebrate winter and walking by participating in Winter Walk Day, which for Deer Run will be on Friday, February 22nd.  Walking is great for health, the environment, reducing traffic and building community. We will be encouraging our students to dress warmly, get outside, and enjoy the fresh, crisp winter air with us.

Math Literacy Night

You’re encouraged to join us for our first Math Literacy Night on ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­May 9th.   Parents will be invited to join students and teachers in math activities that will demonstrate how automaticity goes beyond just memorizing basic facts.


At SaturPLAY we enjoy breakfast together and then the whole family joins in for active co-operative games; the dodge ball game called Fortress being key among them! Watch for a notice coming home in late February for our next two scheduled SaturPLAYs on March 9th and March 16th and register early - these days fill up in a hurry!

Family Fun Night:

School Council is busy planning another Family Fun night on April 12th. This is a great opportunity to have an evening out with your family and socialize with your neighbours. Watch for notices coming home to be sure not to miss out on getting tickets at as premium rate.


Thank you for your support of the five fund raising book fairs we have held over the last two years. It has made a tremendous positive impact on the book choices your children have in the library. $2,528 worth of books have been selected from the cases at the fairs. An additional $4,216 earned was used to purchase highly evaluated story and non-fiction books. Book selections are based on student interest and to support the curriculum taught in the classroom.

All of these activities help build a strong Deer Run community and would not be possible without the dedication, caring and extra effort provided by our staff, School Council and volunteers. I am constantly amazed at the time and effort individuals put in to making a difference in our school and I am extremely grateful to be working with such an incredible group of people.

Accountability Survey:

The Accountability Pillar provides a new way for school authorities to measure success, and assess progress towards meeting learning goals. Grade 4 students, their parents and all teaching staff, will be provided with this survey to help provide school authorities a wide range of data that shows how the school is performing. Students will complete this survey online during school time and parents will receive a paper copy of this survey through the mail. Please take the time to complete this survey - the information we gain through a survey like this helps us make informed decisions regarding needs and the future direction of our school



Kindergarten Registration is now on-going. We have received 30 registrations so far and look forward to welcoming more families. If you are planning to register your child, please bring your child's birth certificate and proof of address (e.g. Driver’s License). Early registration is extremely helpful as we begin to plan our staffing for the next school year.



PLEASE NOTE:   AT MINUS 20 DEGREES AND BELOW (including wind chill)




School Patrol Times

Morning:                8:05 to 8:20 a.m.

Lunch:                   11:48 to 11:55 a.m.

                              12:20 to 12:35 p.m.

After School:         3:00 to 3: 10 p.m. (Monday – Thursday)

                              12:30 to 12:40 pm (Friday)

Patrollers are reminded to report to the patrol station by the office five minutes before their duties begin.


During cold days when patrols are not on duty administrators will do a sweep of the playground after the bell, but please remind your kids to go around to the front door and ring the bell if they find themselves locked out. 



Oct 26
Fall 2018

Welcome back to a brand new school year! Alternately, if you are one of our new families, welcome to our school, we’re happy to have you on board. I know I’m a bit late in the school year with this message, but my sincerity is genuine none-the-less!
I would like to use this forum to formally recognize all of the incredible volunteers we have working within our school. I am secretly (well, maybe not so secretly) incredibly proud of all that we do for children and the atmosphere that we have created together. We have a fantastic, hard-working and caring staff, but we would not be nearly as successful working with your children if not for the time, effort and donations of so many giving people.

The following outlines just some of the different agencies, partnerships and individuals who, through their volunteer efforts, genuinely demonstrate the meaning of care.

School Council

The parent volunteers who attend school council to advise and assist in all school operations are absolutely amazing and I can’t thank them enough for their tireless efforts to enrich our school. They plan and run the Family Dance, keep the Healthy Hunger Program going, arrange the donations for the Giving Tree, assist with picture days and arrange opportunities for you to volunteer your time at events like Halloween Happening and Sports Day. They also undertake fundraising initiatives like the Coupon Books, the Christmas Catalogue, popcorn sales, bottle drives and the casino fundraiser. The money raised through these initiatives benefits each and every student at Deer Run. Here’s just a few of the things we might not be able to do or have at Deer Run if it were not for the extra funding these hardworking parents provide:

  • Class field trips
  • Calgary Reads program
  • SaturPLAY
  • Classroom supplies - extra supplies for activities, art, books or special projects
  • Technology – School Council provided $35 000 last year to help us purchase and up-grade student computers
  • Artists in Residence – each year 3 different programs are arranged to supplement the curriculum. We’ve had dance, yoga, soccer, song-writing, opera and drama residencies over recent years
  • Author visits
  • Library materials
  • Extra equipment for Phys. Ed., Science, Music and Art
  • Busses for our ski and swim programs

Please see our volunteer page for volunteer opportunities.

Jun 11
June 2018 Update

​Excerpted from our June 2018 Newsletter.

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Volunteer Tea on May 31. The Circus theme fit perfectly with the crazy kind of fun we have around here - and I’m not referring to the fact that at times it feels like Three Ring Circus!!! Our school is a busy place and without the assistance of all of our dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish nearly as much. You, fundraise, celebrate, create, provide math practice, laugh, read, play games, golf and even fix bicycles! 

I truly believe Deer Run School is a community of people working together for the benefit of all of our children and I appreciate the efforts of all of the volunteers and the positive relationships we have been able to build working together. Even a great big bolded, “Thank you” doesn’t seem adequate for the countless time and effort you’ve given us.

The pace of our school activities will continue through to the end of June. There are many exciting activities yet to come and it’s very helpful if you review the calendar and read the School Messenger e-mails we send to stay informed about activities, events and requests. For example, Sports Day is on June 22 and we always need lots of help running activity stations. If you’re available and would like to join us, please sign up on the Volunteer Website

As we look towards next year, remember to let the office know if you are planning to move. We are currently setting up classes and if our student count is accurate now, it will result in fewer changes having to be made in September.

Next year will bring a few staff changes.
  • With only 2 Kindergarten classes so far next year, Christy Pizzulo will be leaving her part time position here. Christie’s been an awesome addition our staff and watching the joy she gets in spending time with Kindergarten students will be missed.
  • Both Alex Gilbert and Denae Delcourt are currently working under temporary contracts. We’re trying our best to keep them here because both have been awesome additions to our Deer Run staff, but at this point we’re preparing our good-bye speeches, a gift and tear!
  • Whitney Andrews has been extremely flexible, dedicated and organized as she worked this year to support our ELL learners and Math instruction but unfortunately for us, her temporary contract has come to an end s well.
  • Belinda Raynor is resigning as lunchroom supervisor - choosing to leave Deer Run at the same time as her youngest son leaves Grade 6!
  • Chery Juzwishyn retired from her Educational Assistant position in April.
  • We’re happy to welcome Michelle Lilles and Abbey Van Roekel back as they return from their respective leaves.

As always, we appreciate your input regarding your child’s class placement next year. If you have thoughts about a best-case scenario regarding a learning environment for your child, its best if know about it now as opposed to in September. Since we do not know yet exactly which staff members will be teaching in which grades, please do not request specific teachers. However, if you have insight as to how your child learns, please inform us in writing as to the type of environment you feel would be best suited to your child.

Have a most relaxing yet fun-filled summer break - and remember - encourage your kids to get outside. Maybe even lock up the video games for a month or two! You’ll be amazed at their interest and creativity! And of course don’t forget to read with them!!!

Mar 06
March-April 2018 Update

​Execerpted from our March-April Newsletter​.

A sincere thank you to all of the students, parents and staff who make Deer Run such a vibrant place. It’s exciting to be part of such an enthusiastic school - and the place is made by the people! Here’s a quick re-cap of recent, on-going and up-coming events:

  • In February about 40 families attended two SaturPLAY sessions. This is a great opportunity for families to play together and at the same time, get to know other families in our community. Watch for information regarding our last SaturPLAY of the year to be held on May 5th. 
  • There are 21 students participating in our grade 6 Hockey Program and they have almost completed the on-ice portion of their program. They are now poised to prove their skills in hockey as well as their leadership capabilities by offering intramural programs for other students. Information regarding floor hockey intramurals will be forthcoming. In conjunction with the hockey program, keep an eye on the fence by the West filed, because the grade 5 and 6 students who are not participating in the hockey program, are working on a public art project. They plan to beautify the neighbourhood with three different artistic creations. 
  • This week all students are busy working with actors and staff from Evergreen Theatre. All classes will work to produce a play to be shown on Friday at 11:15 AM. It is very impressive how this theatre group can take the current learning going on within each class and weave it all together into a finished product. We look forward to seeing what our kids can do and we very much appreciate the funding provided by our hardworking School Council so we can have educational experiences like these. 
  • Next week, March 12th to the 16th, ask your kids about Mission Impossible, an obstacle course that students look forward to every year. Students become very serious about setting goals to get better each time they enter the course and you might be quite entertained as they describe some of the strategies they have developed for improvement. Actually this is a great analogy for learning; set a goal and develop strategies for achieving that goal! 
  • Keep in mind that every Thursday is Bread Day. You are welcome to pop into the office on Thursday afternoons and help yourself to a loaf or two of Cobs Bread. We thank Cobs for donating day-old bread and members of Deer Park United Church who pick the bread up for distribution. 
  • With 2018 well under way, we have begun our planning for the 2018 - 2019 school year. Please let us know if you are moving or do not plan on having your children attend Deer Run next year. This will help immensely as we work on class configurations. As the snow piles grow and grow, and our school traffic increases right along with the snow, here’s a list of a few safety reminders: 
  • Do not cross in the middle of the street with your child. So often I see parents, hand-in-hand with their children, dodging cars, trucks and buses as they jay-walk from the other side of the street. I fear that one of these times it is going to end badly and I also worry about the safety message your child is really getting.

  • U-turns are illegal in a playground zone and are also illegal in the middle of the street. I see so many parents choosing convenience over safety and again, I fear that it’s just a matter of time before somebody ends up hurt. 
  • Remember that 146th Avenue is a Snow Route and when a snow parking ban is declared by the City, no vehicle can be parked along 146th Avenue until the parking ban is lifted. 
  • Please do not park in the bus zone or the handicap zone directly in front of the school. As always, we are happy to hear from you. Please call the school at 403-777-6840 with any comments, concerns or questions. 
Marlene Ray

Nov 14
School Activities and Our Christmas Concert

It’s been a busy fall this year with all students participating in the soccer residency, in October, Halloween Happening on the 31st, and the Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 10th. We are extremely grateful to our School Council for providing so much support for our endeavors. Among other things, they have provided funding for the soccer residency, the on-line Mathletics program and field trips. Thanks also to all of the parents who helped us out for Halloween Happening in the gym on October 31st. The kids had a “howling” good time with the various Phys. Ed. Activities and we could not run the event without the support of our many volunteers.

We are very fortunate at Deer Run to have a strong core of volunteers from the community. The Reading Grandparents continue to read every Thursday morning with students in grades one, two and three and our Calgary Reads volunteers read with students in Kindergarten. We also continue to benefit from the dedicated volunteers who offer their time to mentor individual students on a weekly basis through the Between Generations Program. We have many parents volunteering in the library, reading with students, running the breakfast program and supervising students on field trips. “Thanks” just doesn’t seem to cover the gratitude we have for the extra support provided by all of our volunteers!

Thanks also for your patience and understanding this fall as we worked to sort out the new fees process. By now you should have received a notice outlining the field trips and activities teachers have planned for the remainder of the year. Depending on your child’s class, the yearly cost to families will fall between $22.00 and $28.00. School Council will continue to support our students by supplementing the cost to parents by up to $34.00 per student. Teachers have planned activities or trips to enhance curriculum in each grade and have endeavored to keep the committed total cost to Council and parents under $50.00. There is a system in place for teachers to undertake further trips if the opportunity and fit is right. If that should occur, you will be given further notice previous to the trip or activity.

Our two Christmas Concert performance will take place on the afternoon and evening of December​ 14. The afternoon performance requires no tickets, has no limit on the number of family members attending and you can avoid the long line-up we generally have at the evening performance. It is not a dress rehearsal but a full performance, so if you can make it for the afternoon show it’s a great option. Tickets for the evening performance will be available on EventBrite You will receive an invitation through e-mail and will be able to order up to 2 tickets. Two days previous to the concert, any tickets not ordered will be released. There will be no babysitting available again this year since all teachers will be with their students throughout the concert. We look forward to spending this time with you sharing the pride we feel when we see our students’ work in action!

Sep 18
September 2017

​Welcome back to a brand new school year – one that, if the first week is any indication, promises to be a fantastic year! Your children have been awesome. Already in the first week, we’ve observed older students helping younger kids, veteran ‘Deer Runions’ assisting new students, kids volunteering for the assembly, setting up tetherballs, patrolling and offering to babysit at our School Council Meeting and, of course, students helping teachers whenever asked. We are fortunate to be able to work every day with such a caring and responsible group of kids! We welcome all of our new families and hope you feel settled into your new school. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office if you have any questions or concerns.

We also welcome a few new staff members: 

  • Jenna Yurchi teaching AM and PM Kindergarten
  • Christy Pizzulo teaching AM Kindergarten
  • Denae Delcourt teaching Grades 1 and 2
  • Alexandria Gilbert returning to teach Grade 3
  • Linda Grady, our new library assistant
  • Harold Whittaker covering Mrs. Kirch’s leave until the end of September​

Thank you for your understanding as we sort out how school fees will look this year. We expect to have information about lunchroom fees, activity fees and waivers shortly and will inform you about any changes as soon as everything is finalized. 

There is a need to issue a reminder about street safety. We work diligently to teach students about safety. Our patrols are trained by a constable and take their jobs very seriously. It would be an absolute tragedy if any students were involved in any kind of accident. Twice this year a car was witnessed driving through the crosswalk while the patrols had their stop signs out. In both incidents the driver seemed to be distracted. Please, please, please be extra vigilant in our school zone. It is an extremely busy road in the mornings and despite out cautions, we still observe parents jaywalking with their children on a consistent basis. We have spoken about these issues with our constable and he will be patrolling regularly

Jun 01
Proud of Who We Are Together

​June already - and what a great year we have had together! 

As I reflect on the year; the learning, the celebrations, the interactions and the fun, I can’t help but be proud of who we are together. So many times people (substitute teachers, guest speakers, new parents or system support staff, etc.) come into our school and mention the great atmosphere here. I feel lucky to be a part of such a great environment and it is in no small part due to the wonderful children you entrust to our care. Thank you for supporting us as we teach your children and a big thank you to our hard-working staff who are nothing short of amazing.

As we begin looking at class scenarios for next year there’s a few things to keep in mind. Once we have determined specific class scenarios (i.e., combined classes versus straight grades), we will begin the process of placing students into classes. This is a complex process where we endeavour to balance each class in terms of gender, academic abilities, leadership skills, social competencies and peer relationships. Given the many diverse factors involved, meetings are held with past and present teachers along with non–homeroom based teachers and administrators to discuss each class combination for September. Our goal is to organize classes in a way that will best meet the needs of each learner.

If you, as a parent, have information about your child’s learning that might help us in this placement process, please present this information in writing. Unfortunately, requests for a specific teacher cannot be accommodated, partly because the actual grade assignment for each teacher is one of the last things we determine and also because things have a way of changing over the summer. If you believe a certain instructional style might benefit your child’s learning needs please complete a written request outlining your thoughts and forward it to the office before the middle of June. Your input will certainly be considered as part of our placement process.

As always, the end of a school year brings with it a few staff changes. We congratulate both Terryne Levine (Grade 4) and Carlos Miguens (Facility Operator) as they enter into a new stage of their lives called retirement. Both have given Deer Run many years of dedicated work and both will truly be missed.

Other changes for the 2017-2018 year include:

  • Michelle Connolly (Kindergarten) has accepted a new position at Woodbine School.
  • Tamara Kelly (Library) will be leaving us to assume a larger role in her work at Dr. Martha Cohen School.
  • Charmange McKenna (Kindergarten) and Alexandria Gilbert (Grade 3) both have been working on temporary contracts, which expire at the end of June.
  • And, unfortunately, the budget at this time did not allow us to maintain three other staff members, Svitlana Syomin (Lunchroom), Melanie Baird (Educational Assistant) and Cathy MacIntyre (Educational Assistant).

It is sad for us to see such talented staff members move on and we wish them all well in their new endeavors. Once again, a sincere thank you for all that you do for our kids. It is a privilege to work in such a caring and dedicated place. Enjoy a restful, relaxing and fun-filled summer!

Marlene Ray

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