We believe that:

  • Each person in the school shares the responsibility for making our school a safe and respectful place.
  • Each person is unique, has individual needs, and should receive an education that best meets his or her individual needs.
  • Each person should be treated in a respectful, dignified manner by all other people in the school.
  • The process of discipline is the shared responsibility of students, staff, and parents.

Purpose of Our Approach

  • to maintain an environment that allows for the most effective teaching and learning for every student
  • to instruct and teach rather than punish
  • to develop self-discipline and self-control in students
  • to help students accept responsibility for their actions
  • to develop responsible citizens

Student Responsibilities

  • treat others with respect and courtesy
  • respect school property and the property of others
  • listen to and follow the directions or instructions of adults in the school
  • use appropriate language at all times
  • walk through the halls in a quiet manner
  • remove wet or muddy footwear at the doors
  • play in designated areas
  • stay out of the staff parking lot
  • remove hats when indoors
  • refrain from chewing gum in school
  • refrain from throwing snowballs, ice or rocks
  • enter and exit school through designated doors
  • refrain from physical aggression, rough play or play fighting

Types of Offences

  • Fighting and violence: we have a zero tolerance policy towards fighting and violence. Students choosing to be involved in this behaviour may face suspension. Minor fighting incidents will be dealt with and recorded for future reference.
  • Bullying: bullying is defined as any behavior towards another student which is intended to harm either emotionally or physically and occurs repeatedly over time.
  • Instigating or encouraging a fight
  • Defiant behaviour
  • Inappropriate language; swearing, obscene language, name calling, put downs
  • Disrespectful behaviour: obscene gestures, vandalism, stealing
  • Disruption of learning: chronic speaking out, bothering others, making distracting noises


If misbehaviour occurs, the following logical disciplinary strategies will occur. The student is given the opportunity to resolve the conflict by:

  • Discussing the incident
  • Identifying the problem
  • Choosing an appropriate resolution
  • Choosing and practicing alternative behaviour for future use

If repeated or severe misbehaviours occur, one or all of the following consequences may occur:

  • The misbehaviour is documented
  • The parent is contacted
  • A referral to school support team
  • A suspension (1-5 days)
  • A formal suspension to Elementary Panel, Student Services

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with the above information.

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Thank you! #WeAreCBE

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