Personal Belongings

Identification of Personal Property

All items of clothing and other personal property should be identified with the student's name. This is most important in determining ownership of lost items. Although the school endeavours to return lost property to its rightful owner, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.


  • Bikes and scooters should be walked from the fence through the school grounds and immediately locked at the bike racks, those that cannot be locked securely should not be ridden to school.
  • In-line skates must be taken off at the fence to the school grounds, put in backpacks and then outdoor shoes are to be put on. Backpacks should be large enough to accommodate rollerblades securely.
  • Skateboards should also be walked from the fence through the school grounds.
  • It is the law for all riders 18 years and younger to wear a helmet.
  • Alternatively, a student may make arrangements with his or her teacher for storage space within the classroom for skateboards and scooters.

Cell Phones

In order to provide for the safety and security of each student, cell phone use by students is not permitted on school property during school hours. Students who have a cell phone for parent contact before and after school are asked to turn it off and leave it in their backpack during school hours. Alternate arrangements for use may be made by specific teachers.

Lost and Found

Found clothing is placed in the Lost and Found bins located at both gym entrance doors. Items are placed out on display for claiming at each parent/teacher conference interview and at the end of the year. After that, unclaimed items are laundered and sent to charity. Valuables should not be brought to school. Money, jewelry, cell phones, portable music players, and other electronic equipment should be kept at home unless special arrangements are made with the teacher.

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