Noon Supervision Line:  403-777-6840 ext. 2

If your child is registered for Noon Supervision and will be away during the noon hour, or not registered but need to stay on a drop-in basis, please advise us by leaving a voicemail.

Lunch Schedule

  • Monday–Thursday:  11:48 AM – 12:35 PM 
  • Friday:  No Lunch / all students dismissed at 12:30 PM 

Fun Lunches

Fun lunches are periodically scheduled and gives our students an opportunity to eat lunch, socialize with their friends at school and take part in special activities. For our upcoming fun lunches, please check our school Calendar.

To view options and place your order, follow the ordering instructions and please visit The Healthy Hunger website.


Learn more about allergies and other medical information on our Illness & Medical page.

Lunchroom Expectations

As the lunch period is a part of the school day, the same behavior is expected of the children as outlined in the Deer Run School Code of Conduct page.

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Students from @MidSunSchool raised money to support those experiencing poverty & homelessness. Way to go! #WeAreCBE

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