​We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit. The following student comments reflect their experiences at our school.The following student comments reflect their experiences at our school.

"Discovering Choices staff take the Outreach Program very seriously and treat students to feel as though they are at home when they are at school. This school is like a temporary home for me and gently guides me through life processes and my education. I am more clear about who I am, what I want in life, and how to achieve my goals. As a result, I am in a much better place regarding my mental health since starting at this school."

"I receive a lot of support and am able to connect with teachers differently than I did at a traditional school. I love it here so much as I am able to have a flexible schedule that works for me. If I am not feeling prepared or well enough to write an exam, I am able to take more time to work with my teacher so that I feel more confident in the work that I produce. It is amazing to have that one to one communication with teachers who see me as an individual and not just another student. I admire all of the staff’s personalities and I try to be as happy and polite as I possibly can."

"The staff have helped me a lot in my life to achieve my goals and to become a better person. Showing me the right paths and helping me make to good choices has been very helpful."

"Any time that I need support, there are multiple people willing and available to help me with any issue. So many staff are helping me figure out how I can reach my full potential. I am met with positive faces and a willingness to do anything to help." 

I have been supported on which steps to take and how to take them to continue my learning in post-secondary. I have had a lot of help with classes that I previously struggled with in my community school. At Discovering Choices, I have been pushed and cheered on to complete high school."

"The entire faculty – teachers, support workers, psychologists, and the school nurse have all shed light on unknown subjects for me. The emotional energy they bring to school helps me succeed. Discovering Choices is full of selfless staff who devote their time to the students’ day in and day out. I could not be more impressed by the phenomenal effort and support constantly being shown at the school."

"Unconditional support with any issue that I may have on any given day. I have always felt welcomed and at home at Discovering Choices; and this is a feeling that I have never experienced at any school I have attended in a long time.  Having this kind of support and having such a deep sense of community has helped me to be able to reach many goals in every aspect of my life."  

"The biggest influence that has helped me achieve my goals is the teachers and staff. From the first day I attended at this school I have been greeted by countless staff that I have built relationships with, which makes me feel accepted and comfortable to ask for help when needed.  They are incredible at understanding situations I have faced, and have helped me manage time in an efficient manner so that I can still complete every goal I have set for myself.  The relationships I have built at this school with the teachers has helped me improved my overall well-being by allowing me to work for myself, which was something I struggled with in traditional schools."

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