Our Staff

School Twitter Account: @DHarkness_CBE

Principal | Jennifer George       Twitter: @firgeorge

Assistant Principal | Kenneth Perrone   email    Twitter: @DHSPerrone

Administrative Assistant |  Lorrie Goulder   email


Teaching & Support Staff

Your child's classroom teacher should be your first line of contact if you have a question or concern about your child's learning. For questions regarding school operations or fees please contact the main office.
Teaching StaffNAME                                              FIND US ON TWITTER @
Tarnpreet Bains      email               @DHSBains
Christina Cariolato       email          @DHSCariolato
Avi Dhillon       email                       @DHSDhillon
Diane Dron     email                        @DHSDron
Pam Garrah      email                     @DHSGarrah
Emily Glawe    email                       @DHSGlawe
Victoria Lombardo    email              @DHSLombardo
Oana Marasescu   email                 @DHSMarasescu
Brandon Minia      email                 @DHSMinia
Julie Nicklin      email             Stay tuned for Twitter
Stacy Pickering   email                  @DHSPickering
Ruth Purdy      email                      @DHSPurdy
Sara Reinikka-Scott   email           @DHS_MsSara
Katy Hainstock                          Stay tuned for Twitter
Sarah Sleno     email                     @DHSSleno
James Sylvester   email                @TheMrSylvester

Library Assistant

Tricia Mah

Education Assistants

Ted Lavelle

Teresa Wood 

Lena Zacharias  

Maria Zair 

Noon Supervisors

Aida Orantes  (lunch and breakfast program)  

Ghazala Sajjad 

Zahra Shakeeb 

Sharron Murphy

Fadwa Abdulghani

Facility Operator

Rita Johnson

Evening Cleaner





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