Personal Belongings

Valuables & Personal Items

Children are encouraged to be responsible for their own possessions. Valuable belongings such as special toys, music and game players, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, etc. should not be brought to school. The school will not assume responsibility for loss or damage to such items and if students do bring such items they do so at their own risk.

Students are also discouraged from bringing money to school. When it is necessary to send cash to school, parents should do so in a sealed envelope and remind children not to leave money unattended in backpacks or desks. All payments for special events, etc. should be given directly to homeroom teachers upon entering the classroom. The school cannot accept liability for money that students bring to school.

Cell Phones and Other Personal Devices

Studies have stated that more time on electronic communication results in lower psychological well-being in children. Some studies link a decline in human relationships due to screen time with anxiety and depression. Other studies have shown that the mere presence of the phone (on a desk or in a pocket) can lower working memory capacity. 

Digital Device Definition

A “digital device” is any handheld device (smartphone, iPod, iWatch, gaming device, etc.) that has internet access, texting, music or gaming capabilities.

It does not include personal laptops, iPads and tablets brought to school for educational purposes. These learning tools are covered by the CBE digital citizenship policy.

  • If a student needs to access their device, they need to do so in the office, not in their classrooms, hallways, or outdoor play areas.
  • Photography, audio, and video of any kind is not permitted by students on school property unless under the direct supervision of an adult. This is for the safety of all individuals in the building.

Digital NO USE Zones!

At absolutely no time (including after school hours) are digital devices to be used in the school washrooms. 

Theft and Responsibility

The school does not take responsibility for the loss, theft of, or damage to, any digital devices brought to the school.

Consequences for Inappropriate Use

First Offence

The digital device will be sent to the main office where it will be securely held until the end of the school day. The student is allowed to pick up the device at the end of the school day.

Second Offence

The digital device will be sent to the main office where it will be securely held until the end of the school day. A parent will be required to pick up the device from administration.

Further Offences

Any further offence will result in increasing disciplinary action due to defiance with regards to CBE and school policies, rules and regulations.

Lost & Found

Articles of clothing, lunch boxes and student belongings found around the school or on the playground will be placed in the Lost and Found. Keys, valuables and money found should be turned in to the office. 

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