Health & Wellness

Healthy Eating 

The CBE values student health and this is demonstrated through the Nutrition Guidelines established through our Administrative Regulation 3047 – Nutrition. We appreciate your support in this regard by sending healthy lunches and snacks. We ask you to remind your children that due to allergies and food restrictions, students are not permitted to share food. 

BIRTHDAYS: We know that birthdays are special days when students want to bring a treat to share with their classmates. Due to a variety of dietary restrictions, and in keeping with the CBE nutrition guidelines, we ask that birthday treats be reserved for parties at home. We are not able to hand out cupcakes, candy, cookies, popsicles etc. at school. If you would like to send something in to celebrate your child's birthday, please consider sending in colourful pencils, pens or erasers for each classmate or consider purchasing a picture book to add to our school learning commons. We will make sure your child feels special on their birthday by celebrate them during our morning announcements. Thank you for your support with this. 

Daily Physical Activity and Recess

All students at our school participate in healthy physical activities through Physical Education (P.E.), Daily Physical Activity (DPA) and recess. It is an expectation that all students actively participate during these times. Unless the weather is below -20C all students will be expected to go outside during the day. Please ensure that your children are well dressed for the weather. If you require assistance in providing this clothing, please contact the office. If your child is unwell and therefore unable to go outside, please keep them home until they are healthy enough to participate. 

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