​​Traffic Safety

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our schools, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times.​ ​​​​

Parking & Drop-Off

We strongly encourage all students to walk or bike to school for their health and well-being. If you must drive your children to school, please be aware that the staff parking lot is reserved for Douglas Harkness School staff and CBE personnel only. Since all parking spots have been assigned to staff members, we request your cooperation and ask you to not enter this lot.

Drop-Off & Pick-ip

When dropping-off and/or picking-up children at the front of the school, be extremely mindful of all our students as this area tends to become very congested and visibility is often difficult. We recognize that parking is difficult in and around the school and appreciate your support in helping to keep our students safe by doing so in designated areas.

Student Supervision

Supervision is provided on the playground in the morning for 5 minutes before the bell both in the morning and at lunch hour. For student safety, we ask that students arrive only during these supervised times. Please note: all students are expected to leave the school grounds upon dismissal. No students will be permitted to remain on the playground without a parent to supervise them. Please do not drop students off in the playground during unsupervised times.

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