Fine and Performing Arts

The fine and performing arts are for everyone, whether you choose to explore and develop a new interest or specialize in a current interest. Participation in the arts enhances your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Film & Media Art 15/25/35                     Fee: None   

Introductory Video

  • Create films and media arts experiences for the purpose of building technical proficiency, a sense of personal identity as an artist, expression, and a developing disciplinary theory
  • Respond to and investigate a wide variety of films and media art

Art 10/ 10 PreAP                                   Fee:  $65             

Introductory Video

Art 10 is a course where no previous art experience is required, but a desire to learn and an enthusiastic attitude are expected. Students will have the opportunity to create a variety of assignments that explore elements of visual art and principles of design. Skills in a variety of disciplines such as drawing, painting, ceramics and metalsmithing are developed in a supportive and collaborative environment. Projects are designed to allow students to start to explore their own sense of personal expression.

Art 10 PreAP covers the same curriculum as Art 10 with more room for students to modify projects. This course is designed to prepare students for submitting a portfolio at the grade 12 level for assessment by the College Board, with the possibility of gaining post-secondary credit.

Choral Music                                                              

Introductory Video

The Choral Music Program offers the opportunity for students to engage in an ensemble of like-minded individuals who are passionate about singing in a safe and supportive environment. Classes are designed to foster growth and allow for any student to progress and development skills both as a individual and as a member of a team. Engaging in music from a vast array of time periods and cultures, students expand their awareness and appreciation for a diverse literature. This group is non-auditioned and welcomes all students with and without experience singing. The only requirement is a love of singing. All students enrolled in the Choral Music 10/20/30 program will be automatically registered in the Music 15/25/35 Concert Choir program as well that has class twice outside of the timetable in the first semester.

Instrumental Music                                                         

Band Video   

The instrumental music program is a course of study that provides the student with a comprehensive introduction to music performance. Along with performance skills, there is a comprehensive study of music theory as it pertains to the performer. A historical perspective will also be part of the course, again, from a performance perspective. All students enrolled in the Instrumental Music 10/20/30 program are automatically registered in the Music 15/25/35 Concert Band program. This co-requisite takes place twice per week outside of the regular timetable.

Jazz Band                                                                         

Jazz Band Video

The Jazz Program provides students with the opportunity to explore contemporary genres, often with a slightly different instrumentation than the Instrumental Music Program. Focused on improvisational strategies, recordings and emulation of these reference recordings while performing numerous times through festivals, concerts, jazz jams and the like, provide our Jazz students with additional opportunities to broaden their musical awareness and engagement. Audition for placement are held in September of each year and class takes place two times per week outside of the regular timetable. 

Drama                                                     Fee: None        Introductory Video

Drama is about exploring theatre and drama in many forms, which includes performance, acting, improv, technical design and production, touring, and attending festivals and professional productions. Students can enroll in courses in the timetable or audition for courses outside of the regular timetable.

Drama 10, 20 and 30 are 5-credit courses that are taken within the regular timetable, and are designed to be enjoyable and challenging. Students will develop the skills to confidently present in front of a group, learn and engage with complex text, and become strong leaders in a variety of group settings. Drama 10 is designed to give students a chance to collaborate creatively with other students and to take artistic risks in a supportive and positive environment. Students will focus on the development of performance skills; based on participation, collaboration and a genuine willingness to take risks, no previous drama experience is required.

Theatre Productions

At. Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School, students also have the opportunity to earn credits through working on our after school drama productions. Students can earn credits in Advanced Acting, Technical Theatre and/or Directing, and can earn up to 5 credits in each stream each year. All of this work is done outside of the regular timetable, and students are registered by the teacher in a J-block (after school) course. There are two major productions each year: one in December and one in April/May. Students do not have to take Drama as a class in order to audition for Theatre Productions. 

Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre credits are awarded to students who choose to work on any of the technical elements of the school’s productions. These include stage management, lighting and sound design and operation, set and prop construction, and costume design and construction. Students learn about the processes and choices that go into designing for theatre, and have the opportunity to create work that is used in our school productions.

Fine and Performing Arts Includes

  • Visual Arts: Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Professional Development in the Arts (PDA)
  • Drama: Drama, Advance Acting & Touring Theatre, Directing, Film & Media Arts, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre, PDA
  • Music: Instrumental Music, Band, Chamber, Instrumental Jazz, PDA
  • Choral Music: Choral Music, Chamber Ensemble, Choir, Vocal Jazz, PDA
  • General Music: General Music

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