French Immersion

Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School offers a French Immersion Program which is designed for both Continuing and Late French Immersion students coming from junior high schools.  In this program students receive instruction (in alignment with the Alberta Program of Studies) in French in the following subjects: French Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics. The main objective of this program is to continue to develop and refine functional fluency in French, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the French culture.  Even though French Immersion is primarily designed for students whose first language is not French, our school welcomes francophone students who wish to be part of the program. 

All students completing our French Immersion program are entitle to receive the CBE - French Immersion Certificate of Achievement. In order to obtain this certificate, in addition to their High School Diploma, students MUST take all three subjects (French Mathematics, French Language Arts and French Social Studies) throughout their three years of high school; ultimately earning a minimum of 45 French credits:

French Language Arts (10, 20, 30)                        15 credits

French Math (10, 20, 30)                                        15 credits

French Social Studies (10, 20, 30)                         15 credits

English Language Arts (10, 20, 30)                        15 credits

Physical Education 10                                              5 credits

Career and Life Management                                   3 credits

Science (minimum to the 20-level)                          10 credits

10-credits (in any combination of CTS,                   10 credits

Second Languages, Fine Arts, PE 20/30)                            

10-credit in any 30-level course (in                          10 credits

Addition to ELA and Social)


And a total Minimum Credits Required                  100 credits


Exceptions will be made ONLY if a subject is not offered in French (for example; Math 20-3). Students wishing to take AP and French Immersion are encouraged to connect with their Guidance Counsellor to ensure their schedule can accommodate these choices.  If a student decides not to complete all 45 credits in French Immersion, an official school Letter of Achievement in French Immersion may be given to the student indicating the number of credits obtained. Students who enroll in the French Immersion program are expected to make the commitment to remain in the program for their three years of High School. Students choosing to withdraw from the program may be asked to enroll in their designated High School. 

Students coming into this program must be motivated to continue learning French, and are expected to speak French during classes as well as have a strong work ethic.  The expected outcome is related to the total amount of exposure to the language. Therefore, we recommend all Immersion students to take all courses (15 credits per year/3 courses) offered each school year with a minimum of one course in French per semester so students have exposure to French the entire year.

It is important to note FLA 30-2 students do not complete a Diploma exam. All other courses (including Social Studies 30-2 and Math 30-2) have Diploma exam components.

Our Team:

Kate Malayko – Assistant Principal

Natalie Costa – Learning Leader; Social Studies

Isabel Perrone- Social Studies

Willy Guyard – French Language Arts

Sandra Olauson – French Language Arts

Nicole Doerksen - Mathematics

Important Links: 

  • Semester 1 French Immersion Newsletter 
  • French Challenge Course Guide – Interested in challenging the French 30-9Y exam? Please review this Language Course Guide and book an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor to learn more and to register. The Course Challenge exams take place twice a year. Students in Grade 11 and 12 are welcome to explore this opportunity.
  • DELF – The DELF is an internationally recognized French language competency exam. During the 2022-23 school year, students can register and complete the DELF exam at a B2 level through the Alliance Française. Click here to register for DELF certification.

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