French Immersion

You can help your child in French immersion!

Like other parents, you want to take an active role in your child’s learning. If you’ve chosen French immersion for your child, you may have some questions and require information on how to support your child in a language program.

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“French Immersion opens many doors.”
“Improve job opportunities in the future.”
“Force you to think differently.”
“It gives you an edge and a head up above the competition.”

Dr. E.P. Scarlett offers a French Immersion Program which is designed for both Continuing and Late French Immersion students coming from junior high schools.  This is a program in which French is the language of instruction for a major part of the school day.  Subjects taught in French over the course of three years are French Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies.  The main objective of this program is to acquire functional fluency in French, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the French culture.  Even though French Immersion is for the most part designed for students whose first language is not French, our school welcomes francophone students who want to be part of the program and obtain the “French Immersion Certificate of Achievement” worth 45 credits. In order to obtain this certificate, students MUST take all three subjects (French Mathematics, French Language Arts and French Social Studies) throughout their three years of high school. Exceptions will be made ONLY if a subject such as French Mathematics 20-2 and 30-2 are not offered by our program.  If a student decides not to complete all 45 credits in French Immersion, an official “Letter of Achievement in French Immersion” may be given to the student indicating the number of credits obtained. Students who enroll in the French Immersion program are expected to make the commitment to remain in the program for their three years in high school. Students choosing to withdraw from the program may be asked to enroll in their designated High School. Students coming into this program must be motivated to continue learning French, and are expected to speak French during classes as well as have a strong work ethic.  The expected outcome is related to the total amount of exposure to the language. Therefore, we recommend all Immersion students to take all courses (15 credits per year/3 courses) offered each school year with a minimum of one course in French per semester so students have exposure to French the entire year.

It is important to note that for FLA 30-2, the final exam is not a diploma exam. However, French Social Studies 30-2 has a diploma exam.

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