Math is more than memorizing formulas and doing calculations. Math involves:

  • Highly practical and hands-on problems and skills
  • Rich problem-solving activities in collaboration with your peers
  • Some problems that will stretch your understanding to the abstract and theoretical
  • Using technology to develop, demonstrate and communicate your mathematical understandings

Mathematics at Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School

Choosing the right math course is an important decision, hopefully this information will help you make an appropriate choice based on your future goals and your current ability in mathematics.

Transition from Grade 9 to 10

Math 10C AP

For students who have demonstrated excellence in Math 9 and display a passion for math along with the motivation to pursue mathematics at a level beyond the regular high school curriculum.

Math 10C

For students who have demonstrated basic, good or excellent achievement in Math 9.

Math 15-5

For Students who have demonstrated basic achievement in Math 9, who have been challenged by Algebra, Exponents, Fractions and Problem Solving in Math 9 and intend to take Math 10 C.

Math 10-3

For students who did not meet grade 9 level expectations in mathematics and who are interested in workplace and apprenticeship mathematics.

Changing Course Sequence

At Dr. E.P. Scarlett we support students in selecting courses that match their goals and learning style. In CBE high schools, meeting with your subject teacher to review your work and the outcomes of a course is the first step in a course sequence transfer process. You may initiate this process, or your teacher may also invite you to do this with them. Before any course sequence transfer is finalized, however, your principal or assistant principal and the Learning Leader of the subject will be brought into the conversation. If you are under eighteen, your parent or guardian will also be part of the discussion. In high school, a 50% minimum is required to progress to the next level course within in a course sequence. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that students achieve 65% in the previous requisite course prior to moving to the next course in the course sequence.

Changing Course Sequences: Teacher recommendations are made with great care and attention. They are based upon ensuring students have the necessary foundation in place to achieve success in their registered course. Changes to this process can only be achieved through the following steps:

  • Consultation with the subject teacher and/or Student Services.
  • Teacher or Learning Leader calls the parent.
  • Change Form signed if the parent is in agreement.
  • Team Learning Leader approval & signature, prior to any made changes. 

Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics (10-3, 20-3, & 30-3)

This course sequence is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into the majority of trades and for direct entry into the work force. Successful completion of each course(a mark of 50% or better) allows a student to progress to the next Workplace & Apprenticeship course.

Most apprenticeship training programs in Alberta will recommend students successfully complete Mathematics 30-3.

However, a small number of apprenticeship training programs may require students to complete the -2 course sequence in order to meet the mathematics entrance level competencies for those trades.

Further information regarding apprenticeships can be found at Alberta Advanced Education.

Graphing Calculators

A graphing calculator approved by Alberta Education will be required for the following Math courses:

  • Math 10C,
  • Math 20-2 and 20-1,
  • Math 30-2 and 30-1,
  • Math 31

There are several models with the most popular being offered by Texas Instruments and Casio. Alberta Education has a list of approved calculators.

Math Help at Scarlett

We are pleased to offer different opportunities for extra help between Monday and Thursday. Visit our Classes & Departments page for further help / tutoring information. 

Math Help Room

Room 274 from 8 am until school starts Monday – Thursday.

Success Time

Math teachers are always available during Study Block to offer help to all students.

Peer Tutoring

In addition to the teacher assistance above, we usually have strong math students that volunteer their time to provide help for their fellow students.

Looking for More Information?

Still have questions and/or concerns? Please feel free to contact our Math or Guidance Departments.

The Math Department: 403-281-3366, ext. 2272

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