Math 10

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Mathematics 10C

Students who have demonstrated Basic Achievement (or higher) in Math 9 may enroll in Mathematics 10C (Combined) and then choose which path they want to take in grade 11,either Mathematics 20-1 or Mathematics 20-2.

  • Mathematics 10C helps students build on their achievements (especially algebra skills and number sense) to succeed at new challenges in Grade 11.
  • To be successful in this course, students must have good work habits.

 The Mathematics 10C course consists of three main topics:

  1. Measurement: linear measurement, surface area and volume, proportional reasoning, primary trigonometric ratios
  2. Algebra and Number: prime factors and applications, irrational numbers, real numbers, rational exponents, polynomials, factoring
  3. Relations and  Functions: relations  and  functions, linear  relations, function  notation, systems of linear equations, coordinate geometry, equation of a line, slope

Mathematics 10C Advanced Placement

What is Advanced Placement?

  • Advanced Placement® (AP) is a program run by the College Board (United States) which offers students enrichment and the possibility of achieving credit for University-level courses in high school.
  • The regular Math 10C,20-1,30-1 and 31 topics are covered on an accelerated basis and then enriched to increase the students’ depth of understanding.

Who should take Math10C AP?

  • If you love math, are motivated, wish to pursue mathematics at a level that will take you beyond high school and have demonstrated Excellence in Math 9 then this course is for you!

Why take Advanced Placement® Math?

  • You will study mathematics at a greater depth and it will provide you with an additional challenge. It will prepare you for university-level work.
  • Successful completion of the Calculus AP exam (at the end of Math 31AP) may lead to advanced credit at the university level.

Mathematics 15-5

Students who have demonstrated Basic Achievement and who have been challenged by Algebra, Exponents, Fractions and Problem Solving in Math 9 and also intend to take Math 10C may register in this course.

  • The course provides learning opportunities that will develop student competency in knowing how to learn, thinking critically, applying multiple literacies, identifying and solving complex problems, and demonstrating good communication skills.
  • The course will enhance numeracy skills in students, develop their critical thinking and problem solving abilities, and set them up for success in future courses in mathematics.
  • This course is only offered first semester.
  • Successful students earn 5 credits in the Locally Developed Course Math 15-5, and are expected to complete Math 10C second semester of grade 10.

Mathematics 10-3

Students who did not meet grade 9 level expectations in Mathematics must register in Math 10-3 or students interested in Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics should also register in Math 10-3.

This course consists of four main topics.

  1. Measurement: linear measurement, area and volume, mass, capacity and temperature, 2-D shapes and 3-D objects (regular, composite and irregular shapes)
  2. Geometry: spatial reasoning, Pythagorean theorem, similarity of polygons, primary trigonometric ratios, parallel lines and transversal, properties of angles
  3. Number: unit pricing, currency exchange, proportional reasoning, earning an income
  4. Algebra: manipulating and applying formulas

After Mathematics 10C

Upon successful completion of Mathematics 10C, students will receive a recommendation and mentoring from their teacher regarding choosing the next appropriate math course that fits their current needs and abilities.

The Most Common Question with Choosing the Right Course after Math 10C

My son/daughter is struggling in Math 10C but really wants to pursue a career that requires pre-calculus Math 20-1. How can they work towards this goal?

The best choice here is to first enroll in Math 20-2, then 30-2 in grade 12 first semester. Upon successful completion of Math 30-2 students can then register for Math 30-1 in second semester.

Keep in mind that the progression from Math 10C to Math 20-1 requires a large leap in mathematical ability which is why we recommend that students have at least 70% in 10C before moving to Math 20-1. By pursuing Math 20-2 and 30-2 first, students will have more time to build their math skills so that they are ready for Math 30-1.

Many parents and students are also unaware that Math 30-2 is also an academic math stream that leads to college and university. Alberta Education expects that 60% of students should enroll in Math 30-2.

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