​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Complementary Courses

Below is a list of the complementary courses offered at Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School. We encourage you to explore our courses and hopefully find your passion in our CTS and Visual Arts programs.

Art 10/ 10 AP                                           Fee:  $65             Introductory Video

Art 10 is a course where no previous art experience is required, but a desire to learn and an enthusiastic attitude are expected. Students will have the opportunity to create a variety of assignments that explore elements of visual art and principles of design. Skills in a variety of disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalsmithing, and printmaking are developed in a supportive and collaborative environment. Projects are designed to allow students to start to explore their own sense of personal expression.

Art 10 PreAP covers the same curriculum as Art 10 with more room for students to modify projects. This course is designed to prepare students for submitting a portfolio at the grade 12 level for assessment by the College Board, with the possibility of gaining post-secondary credit.

Architectural Design Studies 10           Fee: None          Introductory Video 

Architectural Design Studies revolves around using architecture as a vehicle for teaching elements and principles of design. Students will learn about what design process looks like and how to implement good process through a series of student projects. Students will learn both AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit software basics in grade ten, and subsequently expand their knowledge in grades 11 and 12. Architectural Design students will learn how to read and create annotated drawings, work at scale, and learn how to use space effectively and efficiently while solving design briefs for a variety of spaces and structures. Students will gain some experience in 3D modelling and rendering in first year as well. In future years, students will also tackle areas including landscape design and interior design. In all three years, students will create presentation ready drawings for industry experts.

Business Studies 10                                Fee: None

Business Studies provides students with an opportunity to learn about marketing and management. Students will work on team-based projects with a focus on real-world applications. 

Computing Science

Computing Science 10                             Fee:  TBA          Introductory Video

Students explore hardware, software, and the Internet, create webpages out of HTML and CSS, and write simple structured algorithms and programs using Snap and Processing programming languages.

Computing Science 20

Students continue to explore hardware and software and write algorithms and programs with more complex data structures and custom methods using the Java programming language.

Computing Science 30

Students write algorithms and programs that focus on demonstrating iterative algorithms, recursion, and object-oriented programming using the Java and Python programming languages.

Note: Alberta universities accept the five credits from this course as a 30-level science requirement.

Construction 10                                       Fee:  $50             Introductory Video

No prior experience is required.  The main outcome for this course is to introduce students to the safe operation of hand and power woodworking tools.  Students will have the opportunity to use various types of engineered and natural woods while building meaningful projects to take home. The 50 $ course fee covers student safety equipment, materials, tools, and tool maintenance. 

Drama 10                                                Fee: None           Introductory Video

Drama is about exploring theatre and drama in many forms, which includes performance, acting, improv, technical design and production, touring, and attending festivals and professional productions. Students can enroll in courses in the timetable or audition for courses outside of the regular timetable.

Drama 10, 20 and 30 are 5-credit courses that are taken within the regular timetable, and are designed to be enjoyable and challenging. Students will develop the skills to confidently present in front of a group, learn and engage with complex text, and become strong leaders in a variety of group settings. 

Drama 10 is designed to give students a chance to collaborate creatively with other students and to take artistic risks in a supportive and positive environment. Students will focus on the development of performance skills; based on participation, collaboration and a genuine willingness to take risks, no previous drama experience is required.

Environmental Stewardship 10/ 20/30           Fee: None

  • Students today are very concerned about the climate crisis, this course is intended to help students become educated and active participants in developing the hope that is needed to move toward solutions.
  • Investigate scientific, cultural, and social issues related to the environmental
  • Study various topics such as botany (study of plants), ecotourism and consumerism in order to become innovative change-makers

Film & Media Art 15                                 Fee: None           Introductory Video

  • Create films and media arts experiences for the purpose of building technical proficiency, a sense of personal identity as an artist, expression, and a developing disciplinary theory 
  • Respond to and investigate a wide variety of films and media art

Foods 10                                                 Fee:                     Introductory Video

  • Learn about food production, preparation, and meal planning;
  • Understand nutrition and healthy food choices, food costs and economics, and safe food handling techniques;
  • Participate in cooking, baking, and food presentation for personal enjoyment and for the food service industry.

Legal Studies                                           Fee: None          Introductory Video

  • Discover how changes in societal values foster governmental bills and how they become laws
  • Explore the different levels of the Canadian court system and how the appeal process works
  • Learn an overview of various branches of the law: contract law, criminal law, constitutional law, family law, employment law and environmental law
  • Analyze landmark and precedent creating cases involving the branches of law that we study in class
  • Participate in mock trials involving both civil and criminal cases

Mechanics 10                                          Fee:  $30             Introductory Video

  • Learn about the modern automobile, automotive technology and the related systems
  • Learn about and use the tools and shop equipment related to automotive repair 
  • Develop safe and appropriate shop procedures and practices while learning to inspect, diagnose, repair and service mechanical, electrical and electronic systems, and components of cars and light duty trucks.

Through conversation with students, our guidance counselors ensure students are on target to satisfy Alberta High School Diploma requirements, reaching post secondary entrance goals and, of course, taking classes students will enjoy. 

Please note that each class a student takes in high school can be categorized either as a compulsory or complementary course. A complementary course, unlike a compulsory course, has the aspect of choice. 

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