​Health & Wellness at the CBE

At the CBE, we believe in a whole school approach to health and wellness. We call this our Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach. CSH is about healthy eating, active living, supportive social environments and positive mental health. As a system, we focus on the following four areas: healthy eating; healthy relationships; physical activity; and positive mental health. Each school creates its own approach and goals for health and wellness.

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Health & Wellness

Our Wellness Goal

Our Wellness goal focused on student capacity for self-awareness, self assessment and self-advocacy of emotional regulation will improve. Over the next year we will implement the following strategies to support students:

1.  Staff will provide opportunities and develop lessons and experiences to allow students opportunities to articulate their needs for emotional regulation for learning.
2.  With students, staff will build a “toolkit” of regulation strategies related to the grounding
stones in the Connecting to Spirit holistic wellness tool

We have made a commitment to utilizing the Indigenous Holistic Life-Long Learning framework to establish school-wide behavior expectations and continue working with the Connecting to Spirit model, focusing on the “Grounding Stone” strategies to help students with emotional regulation. We also plan to explore the Collaborative Response model and the Unsolved Problems model as frameworks to support student learning and regulation and investigate options for local perception data collection.

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