Classes & Departments

Teaching Staff

Grade 5

Ms. Neamtu

Room 2140

Mr. Rokosh

Room 1107

Ms. McArthur

Room 2141

Ms. Ray Cody

Room 1108

Ms. Lyons
Room 2143

Mr. Berge
Room 2143

Grade 6

Ms. Strother

Room 1076

Ms. Hansen
Room 1073

Ms. Walburger

Room 1103

Mr. Klein
Room 2102

Ms. Whitlie

Room 2110

Grade 7

Ms. Binks

Room 2130

Ms. Duhra

Room 2135

Mr. Bhandari
Room 2120

Ms. Babe-Collis
Room 2154

Ms. Bly
Room 2149

Ms. Hart
Room 2122


Grade 8

Ms. Wolframe
Room 1026

Mr. Portelli

Room 1026

Ms. Masur

Room 1094

Ms. Franklyn

Room 1096

Ms. Cardwell
Room 2118

Ms. Lefaive

Room 2117


Grade 9

Mr. Buist

Room 2165

Mr. Elenko
Room 2108

Ms. Bains

Room 2104

Mr. Cumo
Room 2167


Music / Band

Ms. Thomas

Room 1005


Digital Literacy

Ms. Viola

Learning Commons & Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) Leader

Mr. Berge

Physically Active Living and Athletics

Ms. Collens

Ms. Bolivar

Library Services

Ms. McNelly

Student Services

Ms. Wright

Ms. Duffy


Ms. Malette, Principal

Mr. Bews, Assistant Principal

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RT @Marlboroughcbe: This staff....🧡🧡🧡 #OrangeShirtDay #WeAreCBE

RT @JohnstoneSchool: A physically distanced outdoor sharing circle- this image speaks to the power of learning from the land on a day where we recognize truth and reconciliation. #OrangeShirtDay #WeAreCbe #bettertogether

RT @ArbourLake_CBE: Grade 7s honouring all those who attended residential schools and focusing on what every child needs, every day, at school. #OrangeShirtDay #OrangeShirtDay2020 #WeAreALS

RT @CbeArea2: Congratulations and special thanks to @JGDChief gr 10 std Jackson E. for his amazing design of this year’s Orange Shirt Day graphic. This design is recognized across Canada! Well done Jackson! #OrangeShirtDay2020 #EveryChildMatters #weareCBE

RT @Area4CBE: Today, the #WeAreCBE Area 4 Team is wearing orange in honour of all children who were taken from their families and forced to attend residential schools. We are committed to truth and reconciliation. #OrangeShirtDay2020 🧡