Dress Code

Dress Code

It is recognized that there is a diversity of opinion in society as to what constitutes suitable dress for school activities. In addition, standards of dress may differ somewhat among schools, depending on the varying standards of communities. Please see the following link for the Calgary Board of Education’s Standards of Dress & Grooming

Outdoor Clothing

  • Please dress appropriately for the weather. 
  • Outdoor activities relating to school in the winter often require warm coats, gloves and head wear. This includes gym activities, busing and field trips.

Physical Education & Activities

  • Students need to be changed each period into clothes suitable for physical activity. 
  • Indoor non-marking sneakers need to be worn inside of the gymnasium to protect the gym floor and your feet and ankles. 
  • For hygiene reasons, clothing used for Physical Education should not be worn for regular classes.  Please take the time to change your clothing before and after Phys. Ed. Class.
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