Cafeteria & Menu

Teens who go more than three or four hours without food are limiting both their brain functioning and their physical performance. To encourage students to take care of their nutrition, the following is available:

Breakfast Club

The Grade 9 Leadership program, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club and Breakfast Club Canada, offer a Breakfast program most morning, before classes start.

Nutrition Break

We provide a mid-morning nutrition break on Fridays as an opportunity for staff and students to move out of the classrooms and ‘re-fuel.’ Students cannot leave campus during nutrition break.

Food, juice, water and milk vending machines are available, although students are encouraged to bring nutritious snacks from home.


Lunchtime options are also available. Tables and chairs are available in the Activity Centre for students to sit and eat their lunch. There will be staff on supervision during this time. Microwaves are available.

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