​We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

Student Recognition

Each term grade assemblies will be held to recognize students and their progress in meeting and exceeding academic and non- academic goals. Students receive certificates and recognition. In June students are awarded a certificate and in some cases a financial award sponsored by Alberta Fire and Flood. Athletic awards are held at the end of the year as well when team sports are completed.

Social Activities

Throughout the year we have a variety of social activities. Only students registered at Dr. Gladys. M. Egbert School may attend. During these events, students

  • stay in attendance for the duration of the function. Permission for late arrival or early dismissal is arranged prior to the event. 
  • follow the Student Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

Team Inspire

Team Inspire has been up and running in the school for a number of weeks now. We plan on tackling a few small projects and one large project this year. Our focus is on enhancing our school community and fostering positivity within the school. Keep your eyes open for something coming in the near future from Team Inspire! If students are interested in what we are doing they can stop by Mondays after school to check it out

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