We encourage students to try out for any of the following sports teams:


  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer


  • Basketball 
  • Wrestling 


  • Track & Field
  • Badminton

Sporting Events

We would love to have more students out to support our Elks at home games. If you plan to attend- plan to stay to the end.

All students from Dr. G.M. Egbert are welcome to attend but must have an adult supervisor. When visiting, please let one of our staff members know you are here. Visiting students from other schools must have an adult supervisor with them.

Sportsmanship is not just for the athletes. We invite you to enjoy an exhibition of skills by students in an educational setting. Please be respectful and encouraging to our opponents, coaches, officials, and team members. Be a fan, not a FAN-atic.


Our lunch hour intramural program continues at Dr. Egbert!  All students have the opportunity to play some games and get some extra physical activity.   

Intramural events are posted with the schedules by the gym.

Get a group of friends and come out and play!

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