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Parent / Guardian Responsibilities

A strong, open relationship between teachers and parents or guardians is what we strive for as we know that when parents and guardians are involved in their children’s education, students are more successful. As part of this ongoing relationship we ask that parents

  • be supportive of school policies and regulations, 
  • provide school officials with the parent/guardian point of view, 
  • understand that their concerns and suggestions will be given due consideration. Since the school must ensure the education of all students, we ask that they recognize that a change in policy or procedure for the specific circumstances concerning their child will not always be feasible.
  • accept the responsibility of ensuring their child arrives to school on time ensure the level of preparedness that enables students to participatesuccessfully in the daily activities and routines encompassing the learning of the child at school, including being prepared with school supplies. 
  • provide appropriate study spaces and to encourage good study habits for their child while at home, 
  • notify the school when their child is absent from school. This can be done by phoning the attendance line or providing a written note to the office prior to the absence. 
  • provide the school with accurate and up to date information regarding address, contact phone numbers, e-mail, student health concerns, and changes in custody.

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