​​Our school is part of the CBE, which is the largest school district in Western Canada. We offer a depth and breadth of programs and supports to meet the unique learning needs and interests of an increasingly diverse population. We focus on personalizing the learning experience so that each student is engaged, inspired and learning to their full potential. Our values are: students come first; learning is our central purpose; and public education serves the common good.

You can look on the CBE website for more information on teaching and learning.​​

Teaching & Learning

Learners are more successful when both teachers and students hold their responsibilities for learning to high standards. We are a learning community. To make this a successful year, we each expect the following from our teachers and from our students.

Teacher Responsibilities

To meet their responsibilities to our learning community, teachers

  • foster a variety meaningful learning relationships within our learning community, 
  • design effective learning tasks, 
  • design learning tasks which are meaningful and engaging 
  • continually assess student learning to help students move their learning forward, 
  • to strive for high standards of professional competence with regard to curricular expertise, classroom instruction, assessment and human interaction, 
  • to assist students in following the Student Code of Conduct through modeling, reminders, communication with parents, and in the case of chronic noncompliance, reporting concerns to administration, and 
  • to communicate with parents regularly.

Student Responsibilities

To meet their responsibilities to our learning community, students

  • participating in learning activities and tasks, 
  • create positive relationships with peers, teachers and other adults, 
  • become actively involved in the school community, 
  • are courteous, considerate and respectful of others and their property when in class, hallways or on school trips and property 
  • act with integrity at all times 
  • strive for excellence in everything they do 
  • adhere to school policies and procedures and follow appropriate protocols when questioning these, and 
  • take an active role in their own growth as a learner.

Remember! The successful functioning of a school is based on the premise that the rights of individuals do not supersede the right of the community.

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