​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Complementary Courses

Personal Development


Learn the basics of how to cook and bake! You could make your own muffins, brownies, cookies, twice baked potatoes, spaghetti and sauce, salsa and chips, pizza, pretzels, and more!


Learn how to become great leaders! You will plan and run events around the school, create social justice projects, fundraise for great causes and charities. You could be a part of changing our school and promoting a positive school culture.

Outdoor Education

This is the option is for students who love learning about the outdoors. In Outdoor Education you will learn basic survival skills, first aid, map and compass skills, and team building.

Health and Wellness

Learn what it takes to live an emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy life! Some topics include paying attention to your own healthy living choices, make good decisions, when is emotion normal and when is it illness, and dealing with conflicts with your friends.

Training for Excellence in Sport

Students develop skills useful for increasing their sports performance through training and coaching. Students will also be part of developing student wellness for other students through leading fitness and recreation activities. Students focus on coaching, physical training / sport performance, nutrition / diet, and injury prevention / treatment.


Namaste! Learn how to find inner peace through yoga. Learn a variety of yoga techniques which help you build physical flexibility while helping you become a calmer person.

Trades and Technology


Our Construction room is reopening. So, you get to build things, learn how to be safe, use hand and power tools, takes proper measurements, and complete wood working projects.


Using the Lego NXT Robots you will explore the use of a variety of sensors through exploration and inquiry. Students will investigate and learn the programming software for the NXT robots.  Students with previous NXT experience will work with more advanced EV3 kits.

Environmental Stewardship (Offered in the spring only)

Learn how to grow plants, plant gardens, and understand our relationship with the land. Students will also take on service projects which are related to making our school and community environment better for everyone.

Media, Design and Communication

Communication Technology and Design Studies Combined

Create and edit different media such as audio, video, pictures and graphics for the purpose of producing multimedia products such as animations and movies. Then spend some time learning how to create three-dimensional models on the computer in Google Sketch-up. You could even use the 3-D printer!

Digital Photography

Learn how to use advanced digital cameras which take professional style pictures. Learn what makes a great picture. Spend time learning about the difference between a thoughtful picture and a snapshot while being given time to take photos outside and inside the school. Students assemble a digital portfolio showcasing their work from the term.

Fashion Studies

You will have the opportunity to learn both hand and machine sewing techniques as well as traditional and loom knitting. Follow a pattern and make something.

Exploration in Film

Learn about a variety of film, television and video formats. Then experience a variety of roles in the film industry including acting, directing, filming, writing, editing, critiquing, and viewing.

Fine Arts


Be active in a variety of rhythms, choreograph dances of your choice to music and work in dance groups. We will learn many different styles including: popular dances, hip hop, jazz, African, and ballet.


Students will focus on drama/team building games, acting skills, stage direction, script writing, and memorization, character development, stage make-up, costume design, and set design. At the end of this course, students will participate in a final performance for our school, on stage or behind the scenes.

Art 2D/3D

In both art 2D and 3D it is time to be creative. You will be challenged to work with different materials pencil, paint, watercolour, clay, cardboard, wire, and many different crafts are all part of the world. You do not need to know how to do anything, you will learn. Please come try your best.


Choral music is explored individually and in groups. Current popular music, contemporary, folk and classical pieces are rehearsed and performed. All students will perform as a group; however any students interested are most welcome to perform solos.

General Music

Students will be exposed to a variety of musical instruments, such as, guitar, drums etc.
Note: All grade 6 students must take a music course – either General Music or Choral


English Language Support (ESL)

The ELL Support option is designed to assist students in ELL levels 1-3 build better English skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


Begin to learn a new language and explore French culture.​

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