Personal Belongings

Care of Personal Property

The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. Students are advised to leave items of value at home and not share their locker combinations. 

Lost & Found

Students who find lost articles are asked to put them in the lost and found box located by Room 19. This box is emptied regularly, so students need to check it frequently. Small or valuable items should be turned into the office. Unclaimed lost and found items are donated to charity in December and June.  

Personal Electronic Devices

If your electronic device is being used (whether for speaking or texting) during school time (including between classes) it may be confiscated and locked up in the main office to be retrieved at the end of the day. On the third offence, the electronic device will need to be retrieved by a parent/guardian. Subsequent offences may result in a parent meeting, suspension and/or the creation of a student contract. 

Reminder: cell phones should be stored in a locker during the day. We ask for the cooperation of parents in not calling or texting their child during class time.  If you have an emergency, please contact the office.


Bicycles should be kept in the location provided. Bicycles should be securely locked; students should have a record of the serial number(s). The school assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles. Do report any issues with bicycles to Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234.

Skateboards / Skates

As per CBE policy, skateboards, inline skates and or wheelie shoes are not to be used on school property. Students using these as a mode of transportation are asked to store them in their locker for the day, and they are not to be taken out at lunchtime. Students using skateboards, inline skates and or wheelie shoes on school property will have them confiscated.  Parents/guardians may be required to claim them from the main office.

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