Academic Guidelines


Students are required to complete all assigned homework.  Homework could include assigned work as well as unassigned study and review.   The following areas should serve as guidelines for a weekly homework plan:

  • Work not finished in class
  • Work missed due to absenteeism
  • Long term assignments
  • Organization of notes, assignments
  • Review of each day’s work
  • Study for tests and examinations
  • Daily quiet reading with a book of their choice (15 to 30 minutes)

It would be beneficial if parents and students agree upon a suitable place and a regular time for students to complete homework. 

Procedure for Absent Students

When students are absent, it is their responsibility to organize themselves to catch up on missed assignments. We expect students to do the following when they are away:

  • Call a friend or “study buddy” in your class and ask them to record all homework assignments and pick up an extra copy for you of material handed out in class.
  • Have your “study buddy” take the materials home to you, or arrange for someone to pick up the materials.
  • If you are having trouble getting a “study buddy” please talk to your teacher.
  • Discuss missed work with the teacher(s)
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