Our Staff

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Main school phone number: 403-817-3548

PrincipalMr. J. Hartl
Assistant PrincipalMr. D. George
Administrative AssistantMrs. K Hunter
Educational AssistantsMs. L. Magee, Mrs. Nordal
Lead Lunch SupervisorMs. A. Haroon
Office Personnel Mrs. K. Hunter    Mrs. D McKee
Library AssistantMrs. K. Howard
Student Services - Grade 8-9Mrs. L. Twa
Student Services - Grade 6-7Mrs. D. Thompson
Grade 6 Team
Mr. P. Servos - Humanities - Team Lead
Ms. A. Nordstrom - Humanitiesalnnordstrom@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. J. Richardson - Math and Science
Mr. Fernando Baez - Math and Sciencefabaez@cbe.ab.ca 
Ms. S. Campbell (Leech)  - Humanities
Mrs. K. Clarke-Lamb - Humanitieskrfagnan@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. H. Wyman - Math and Sciencehnwyman@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. T Korolis - Math and Sciencetakorolis@cbe.ab.ca


Grade 7 Team
Mrs. W. Dawson- Humanities - Team Lead
Mrs. R. Feagan - Humanities and Diversity Lead
Mrs. L. Hayley - Math and Scienceldhaley@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. D. Dedemus - Math and Sciencedadedemus@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. A. Smart -  Math and Science
Ms. D. Delcourt - Humanitiesjddelcourt@cbe.ab.ca

Grade 8 and 9 Team

Ms. L. Colhoun - Gr. 8 Humanities - Team Lead lahanson@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Nicole Pertus - Gr. 9 Humanities - Team Lead
Mr. S. Campbell- Gr. 8 and 9 Scienceswcampbell@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. C. Dvorkin - Gr. 9 Humanitiescdvorkin@cbe.ab.ca
 Mr. M. Beauchamp - Grade 8 and 9 Sciencemijbeauchamp@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. D Acimov -  Gr. 8 and 9 Mathdaacimov@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. D Maher - Gr. 8 Humanitiesdkmaher@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. K Honish - Gr. 8 and 9 Mathkjhonish@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. C. Rancier - Gr. 9 Humanities
Mr. C Rokosh - Gr. 8 and 9 Mathcjrokosh@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. C. Doyle- Gr. 8 Humanitiescldoyle@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. J. Scott - Gr. 8 and 9 Sciencejgscott@cbe.ab.ca


Mr. G. Reimer  gdreimer@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. R. Morris  rjmorris@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. M. Kresack - Team Leader mskresack@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. K. Curran kacurran@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. J. Watson jewatson@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. N. Wells  natwells@cbe.ab.ca
 Miss I. Manning irmanning@cbe.ab.ca

Student Services/ASD

Mrs. L. Twa - Team Leader alunich@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. D. Thompson - Team Leader dlthompson@cbe.ab.ca
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CBE students came away with a number of wins and demonstrated exceptional talent and skills as they competed in Skills Canada Alberta in Edmonton and the 2023 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) in Winnipeg. https://t.co/7Rigvcqpv6 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/GkTJe0yV9C

RT @Indigenous_cbe: The CBE Indigenous Education Team encourages you to celebrate National Indigenous History Month through our🗓️of learning, resources and events honouring Indigenous ways of being, belonging, doing & knowing. #WeAreCBE #NIHM2023 https://t.co/3fbIdcWorE https://t.co/SH8t68B0Pj

RT @DHarkness_CBE: At Douglas Harkness, diversity is our 🌈 SUPER POWER! #HarknessHasHeart https://t.co/fG3N6aqBPP

In honor of Pride Month, we celebrate the pursuit of equality for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals & affirm the importance of providing safe & caring environments. We work to cultivate positive learning environments for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/SLbPK6bY5o

National Indigenous History Month is a time to explore and appreciate the diverse cultures, traditions and perspectives of First Nations, Inuit and Metis as we deepen our understanding of Indigenous peoples and communities on our Truth and Reconciliation journey #WeAreCBE https://t.co/3ZOrbIc52l