Our Staff

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Main school phone number: 403-817-3548

PrincipalMr. J. Hartl
Assistant PrincipalMr. D. George
Administrative AssistantMrs. K Hunter
Educational AssistantsMs. L. Magee, Mrs. Nordal
Lead Lunch SupervisorMs. A. Haroon
Office Personnel Mrs. K. Hunter    Mrs. D McKee
Library AssistantMrs. K. Howard
Student Services - Grade 8-9Mrs. L. Twa
Student Services - Grade 6-7Mrs. D. Thompson
Grade 6 Team
Mr. P. Servos - Humanities - Team Lead
Ms. A. Nordstrom - Humanitiesalnnordstrom@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. J. Richardson - Math and Science
Mr. Fernando Baez - Math and Sciencefabaez@cbe.ab.ca 
Ms. S. Campbell (Leech)  - Humanities
Mrs. K. Clarke-Lamb - Humanitieskrfagnan@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. H. Wyman - Math and Sciencehnwyman@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. T Korolis - Math and Sciencetakorolis@cbe.ab.ca


Grade 7 Team
Mrs. W. Dawson- Humanities - Team Lead
Mrs. R. Feagan - Humanities and Diversity Lead
Mrs. L. Hayley - Math and Scienceldhaley@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. D. Dedemus - Math and Sciencedadedemus@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. A. Smart -  Math and Science
Ms. D. Delcourt - Humanitiesjddelcourt@cbe.ab.ca

Grade 8 and 9 Team

Ms. L. Colhoun - Gr. 8 Humanities - Team Lead lahanson@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Nicole Pertus - Gr. 9 Humanities - Team Lead
Mr. S. Campbell- Gr. 8 and 9 Scienceswcampbell@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. C. Dvorkin - Gr. 9 Humanitiescdvorkin@cbe.ab.ca
 Mr. M. Beauchamp - Grade 8 and 9 Sciencemijbeauchamp@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. D Acimov -  Gr. 8 and 9 Mathdaacimov@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. D Maher - Gr. 8 Humanitiesdkmaher@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. K Honish - Gr. 8 and 9 Mathkjhonish@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. C. Rancier - Gr. 9 Humanities
Mr. C Rokosh - Gr. 8 and 9 Mathcjrokosh@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. C. Doyle- Gr. 8 Humanitiescldoyle@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. J. Scott - Gr. 8 and 9 Sciencejgscott@cbe.ab.ca


Mr. G. Reimer  gdreimer@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. R. Morris  rjmorris@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. M. Kresack - Team Leader mskresack@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. K. Curran kacurran@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. J. Watson jewatson@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. N. Wells  natwells@cbe.ab.ca
 Miss I. Manning irmanning@cbe.ab.ca

Student Services/ASD

Mrs. L. Twa - Team Leader alunich@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. D. Thompson - Team Leader dlthompson@cbe.ab.ca
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RT @ZooSchoolyyc: How do we teach the value and importance of our connection to all living things? Maybe by getting to know our local neighbours? This is a concept our Chris Akkermann students are just beginning to understand. Have you spotted this local winter bird? https://t.co/W2MjY26FrR

RT @kinggeorgecbe: Le défi du flocon de neige a commencé! Comment est-ce que tous les élèves dans chaque classe vont créer un flocon de neige qui est aussi grand que Mme Shafina ou Mme Renée, en utilisant seulement le papier, les ciseaux et la laine? @CBELanguages #WeAreCBE https://t.co/F6vE6jP5td

RT @KeelerSchool: Grade 6 students created pictograph rocks using symbols and colours to communicate their connections to the land. #WeAreCBE #Keeler https://t.co/z18gyFvOZS

Check out this story about the @twowheelview 10-week Earn-A-Bike program at Crescent Heights High School. Students receive a refurbished bicycle, helmet and basic tools to maintain their new ride. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/95bxTQ7gli

Enjoy a Flames game and help raise funds that support CBE students and schools. Purchase your tickets online: https://t.co/k5ycP5lWHa | $10 from every Flames ticket purchased goes to @EdMattersYYC Games: Jan. 6, Jan. 21 and Feb. 16. #WeAreCBE