Grade 5

Important Information for Grade 5 Families

Online Learning for January 5-8th

Students are expected to be online from January 5th-8th during school hours. This week will run exactly the same as if students were in school. This will be a week 3. Students will use their Google Classroom for all assignments, google meets, attendance and more. Therefore, on Tuesday January 5th, students should be on their Google Classroom to get their google meet code from their teacher and join the google meet at 8:30 am for attendance. If students are not there by 8:30, they will be marked as absent. Again, it is important that students are following the exact same schedule online, as if they were in school. 


*Google Classrooms will have work posted for each week. 

*Students who are away for more than a few days are expected to do some of the work posted in the Google Classroom in order to stay up to date with classwork.

*Students are welcome to bring in their own pencils, markers, etc, but it is not necessary.  

*Toys, sports equipment and other non-school related items need to be kept at home. 

*Bring a water bottle to school (water only please).

*Microwaves are not available to heat up student lunches. Healthy Hunger is an option.

*A small plastic bag to store masks when it is not in use is recommended.  

*Ensure that masks fit correctly. Sending in 2 clean masks everyday is recommended.

*When having a mask break children need to remember to socially distance when less than 2 metres apart.

*Learning Common’s books are available for students to request through the Online Library Form

*Students need a pair of inside shoes for Physical Education as well as warm clothing to wear when classes are outside.

*Dress for the winter weather - Winter jacket, toque, mittens and outdoor winter boots.

*Parents need to create an account in MyCBE/ PowerSchool to pay fees or apply for waivers, register for transportation and noon supervision, and view student progress.

*Please review the COVID guidelines when your child becomes ill. COVID Guidelines

School Start and End Times

Grade 5 Bell Times:

Monday to Thursday 8:30 AM – 3:10 PM 

Lunch 11:56 - 12:41

Friday 8:30 AM – 12:18 PM

*Students are not to be dropped off or picked up in the school bus zone along New Brighton Dr. This area is reserved for school busses only. There is plenty of parking on the side streets.

Grade 5 Teachers 

  • 5-1 Mrs. Reid – Room 212              
  • 5-5 Mrs. Scott – Room 215                    

Grade 5 Learning Leader and Student Services: Mrs. Thompson

Chimera Time 

After lunch every day, the Grade 5 Students have a class period called "Chimera Time".  In this period students cover some outcomes of the health curriculum related to wellness and relationships.  In November, the students took an in-depth look at bullying.  There is still a lot of confusion about what is and is not bullying.  This chart helps clarify the difference.

For more information on how Bullying and inappropriate behaviour is addressed at DMC please check out our link on our school website:

Other Resources:

1. Bullying Ends Here:

2. Pink Shirt Day:

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