Grade 6

Google Classrooms

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We will be using Google classroom to post our classroom assignments. If you child is away from school, they can use their teacher’s Google classroom to see what they have been missing and catch up on work.

Here is a list of Google Classrooms codes for the grade 6 teachers:

Mr. Botros – Math/Science

6-1 - pi5impm

6-2 - tsjwco6 

Mr. Servos – Humanities

6-1 – tjhtowx

6-2 - 4mugkya

Mr. Richardson – Math/Science

6-3 – sbkdwj7

6-4 – 3n5cf2p

Ms. Allen – Humanities

6-3 - jjrom2d

6-4 – vcgfyub

Ms. Smart – Math/Science

6-5 – heij3nh

6-6 – 2r2ldmd

Mrs. Dawson – Humanities

6-5 – gijuxby

6-6 – 77yq6vvn

Welcome to Grade 6

Grade 6 Teachers 

·       6-1 Mr. Botros – Room 141               

·       6-2 Mr. Servos – Room 152             

·       6-3 Mr. Richardson – Room 144      

·       6-4 Ms. Allen – Room 155                

·       6-5 Ms. Smart – Room 153               

·       6-6 Ms. Dawson – Room 159           

Students should bring snacks, a lunch, and refillable water bottle.  As mentioned in the information email, students will not have access to microwaves or vending machines.  Lockers will not be used until further notice, therefore student’s belongings such as backpacks and jackets will hang on their chairs in the classrooms.  Students are permitted to go home for lunch. Please inform the classroom teacher if going home for lunch.


In Grade 6 this year, students will not be switching classes for various subjects.  All Grade 6 teachers will come to the students with the exception of some CTF classes and PE classes.   All efforts will be made to keep the students in their homeroom cohorts for P.E..  The C.T.F. (Career and Technology Foundations) teachers will travel to the classrooms rather than students moving throughout the school.  Students will also be eating lunch in their classrooms.  There will be break times throughout the day to allow students to move, have a snack, go to the washroom and take "mask" breaks. 


School Start and End Times

Our bell times for all grades:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 3:10 PM 

Grade 6 Lunch 12:41PM – 1:26 PM

Friday 8:30 AM – 12:18 PM


You can find a complete list of dates and additional early dismissal dates on our calendar page


School Supply Lists

Grade 5 - 9  will have most supplies provided by the school. 

Families will supply a backpack and running shoes.


School Calendar and Bell Times

To view our school’s calendar and bell times, please go to our calendar page.


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