Weekly Update - October 16, 2020

This week the students in the grade 6 classes finished their first podcast, “The New Kid”.  Each student entered reflection questions into a Google Form to share their understanding and to demonstrate their ability to make connections between their own life and characters and ideas in oral texts.  Students also began a new assignment to conclude our study of  “The New Kid” called “Insta-event”.  In this task, students are asked to create their own “Instapost” based on an important event from The New Kid.  Students are demonstrating their ability to construct meaning and make connections through listening.  Both of these assignments are available to view on the Google Classroom.

We continued our work in “The Lost Project” and each grade 6 class is at a slightly different place in the tasks.  Most groups are working on their third and fourth tasks, which focus on instituting and creating laws for the island.  Students are learning how challenging it is to make decisions that work for all members of the group.  This project will continue into next week.

Next week we will continue our “Bell Ringers” and will have Words of the Week and a spelling quiz on Friday.  Please ask your child to share the spelling list on Monday to begin reviewing the words throughout the week.  The words will be listed on the Google Classroom as well.

We are very excited to introduce our first novel study to the students next week.  The novel is the New York Times best selling book, “Refugee” by Alan Gratz.  The story takes place in the perspective of three different kids, in three different decades,  with a common mission, to escape.  The three young people go on a harrowing journey in search of refuge.  Students will be bringing home an assignment that will require your participation!  Stay tuned for that!

Please support your child by encouraging them to check the Google Classroom classwork tab frequently.  All the assignments and new material is posted there for them to review.

Weekly Update - October 9, 2020

The students started the week by wrapping up their work on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They wrote their first social studies quiz on Tuesday that examined the different parts of the Charter. Students were successful if they were able to identify the different sections of the Charter and understand how different rights and freedoms fit into each section. They were also able to apply their understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Residential Schools and understand how these groups of people had their rights and freedoms taken away. 

We also started our work on listening to a podcast called “The New Kid.” This is from a podcast series called Stories Podcast. In this task, students were asked to listen to a podcast called “The New Kid.” While listening they were asked to create sketches and jot notes about the plot. They were asked to complete some reflection questions in order to be able to make connections between their own life and characters and ideas in oral texts.

The New Kid Podcast Link

Finally, students started a project called Lost in social studies. This is an in class project that is completed with their group. The idea around the project is to give the students a sense of building a society from scratch. They will understand different forms of governments based on the discussions they have within their groups. This project will lead into further discussions around how our own provincial and municipal governments function.

Weekly Update - October 2, 2020

This week the students focused on Orange Shirt Day. The students were able to look into the history of Orange Shirt Day and the story behind Phyllis Webstad. Students discussed the importance of this day and why it is recognized across Canada every year. As a follow up to that lesson, the students watched the CBC documentary “The Secret Path.” This book and film adaptation is ten poems about the story of Chanie Wenjack, a boy who died in 1966 when he escaped a residential school in Ontario and tried to walk home, over 400 miles away. Students completed a notice, think, and wonder chart as they watched the film. We discussed their observations as a class. 

The students also continued to look at the Charter of Rights and Freedoms this week. We now have a solid understanding of the rights and freedoms that we, as Canadians, experience. The students spent some time looking at connecting the rights to responsibilities that we all share as Canadians. 

There will be a quiz about the Charter on Tuesday, October 6. Students have access to a study guide through their Google Classroom.

Finally, students looked at the structure of newspapers and the different parts of a newspaper article. Students were able to apply this understanding while reading an article about the Black Lives Matter movement. We were able to discuss the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, why) and the structure of the article as we looked at it as a class. We will continue to focus on current events in the coming weeks as we move towards students writing their own article. 

Weekly Update - September 25, 2020

In the third week of school, the grade six students built on the topics we discussed last week and were able to deepen their understanding and apply it in a variety of ways.  For example, students became experts on different sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and presented their learnings to their classmates.  This week, students were asked to read different “I can” statements and demonstrate their understanding by selecting which part of the Charter the statement came from and justify their responses.  We will continue this work by expanding the conversation around rights and freedoms and the responsibilities of citizens.

We also introduced the importance of setting a purpose for reading and research.  There are a number of reasons we read and knowing WHY we are reading – helps us to focus on important information and to better understand and remember what we read. It also helps us decide HOW we will read the text.  Classes began discussing the Black Lives Matter movement and recognized the purpose was to understand the issue and to gain information.

Classes continued to deepen their understanding of the BLM movement by analyzing a newspaper article.  We reviewed about the 5 parts of a newspaper and the students learned how to summarize and identify each component.  Next, we read the article, "Black Lives Matter".  In classes, students used 7 different colours to highlight the headline, byline and 5Ws.

A reminder to all students and parents to please join your respective Google Classrooms (invites were sent through EduCBE Google Emails).  All assignments, daily updates and information for what is happening in the classroom can be found there.  Next week will be busy and very exciting with the Terry Fox Run, Photo Day (individual) and Orange Shirt day all taking place!

Weekly Update - September 18, 2020

The students have been busy this week in Humanities. We started the week by finishing up our Ball About Me Presentations to the class. These will be displayed in the classroom soon. 

Students were also asked to complete a reading comprehension test this week. This was completed using computers where students needed to fill in a missing word from a sentence. The students needed to select the best word that fit. This will give us an accurate picture of their reading comprehension level. In the coming weeks we will be looking at reading recognition and spelling. 

We also looked at the importance of wearing masks. Students discussed how masks demonstrate empathy when you wear them. They were then given the chance to design their own mask using symbols and words that are important to them. We will finish this activity next week.

Finally, students looked closely at the different sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They discussed their section within their group and then shared the findings with the class. Notes will be posted to their Google classroom.

Weekly Update - September 11, 2020

In our first almost full week of Humanities, the grade six students were introduced to a daily routine called, “Bell Ringers”.  The purpose of this activity is to transition into our learning quickly as well as incorporate many subject areas through vocabulary study and practice our literacy skills.  

Students were introduced to "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms".  We discussed the difference between a right and a freedom and explained that the Charter is a document within the Canadian Constitution.  Students created "A Charter of Me" where they brainstormed rights and freedoms that they have in school.  Examples included "I, (name), have the right to learn without distractions" and "I, (name), have the freedom to take a drink of water when I need".  Our next steps are to use these lists to create our own version for a Classroom Charter.

The grade six students have completed their first assignment on Google Classroom, “A Ball About Me”.  This task incorporated a visual art component as well as an oral presentation.  Most students have completed the first aspect and are planning their presentation for early next week.

A reminder to all students and parents to please join your respective Google Classrooms (invites were sent through EduCBE Google Emails).  All assignments, daily updates and information for what is happening in the classroom can be found there.

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