Weekly Update - December 2, 2022

Over the last two weeks in ELA, the students continued with their novel study, Refugee. Students completed their first Refugee choice board, which allowed them to pick how they would like to demonstrate their understanding of the book. Some of the options included designing symbols, writing a letter from a character's perspective or creating a crossword puzzle. 9 different options were provided to the students, each providing opportunities for students to show a different level of understanding. Students will complete different choices from the choice board throughout the novel. Students also continued to work on their character sketchnotes after each chapter. 

In Social, students completed their Pillars of Democracy task, where they had to find four photos, each representing a different pillar of democracy- justice, freedom, equity, and representation. They had to use their understanding of each pillar to explain how the photo they picked represented each pillar. After students completed this task, they completed their first check-in quiz on government and democracy. The test included a knowledge section, which consisted of true/false, matching, multiple choice and short answer questions. These questions were designed to test students' recall of information and had only 1 correct answer. The processes and skills section of the test consisted of  written response questions designed for students to test their ability to both recall information as well as apply it to different situations. Moving forward, students will be working on their Charter of Rights and Freedom group project. 

Weekly Update - November 18, 2022

This week in ELA, the students have continued with their novel study of Refugee. Students have shown great interest in the historical events that are unfolding in the novel. If you have a chance at home, have some discussions around the events of World War II, the Cuban raft exodus of 1994, and the Syrian war. It is amazing the amount of knowledge the students bring to these topics. Each class has also started creating Flipgrid videos in response to the novel. We are using these responses as part of our speaking assessment for students. If possible, students should be bringing a pair of headphones to school to help with these videos, as it can get noisy in class with 28 other students recording a video at the same time. 

In social studies this week, the students have been looking at different types of governments and how they make decisions. Students were able to use real life examples of decision making in order to make connections and understand their pros and cons of each type. Students have also looked at the Pillars of Canadian Democracy. They will be completing an assignment where they choose pictures to represent each pillar and write about their understanding of it.

Weekly Update - November 4, 2022

This week in Humanities, students began reading the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz. Students were introduced to the three main characters: Josef, Isabel and Mahmoud. As we read, students completed a description of each character and the setting, and also identified the supporting characters. There were lots of really great discussions and thoughtful questions as we read and students began to compare their own lives with those of the characters in the story. Students will now be choosing one character to focus on and create sketch notes of their journey as we continue the novel. 

 Thank you to those families who took the time to complete the ‘Backpack Assignment’ this week! The students enjoyed sharing their experiences as well as hearing the experiences of others when we shared the assignment in class. Most students shared how the experience really made them think about what was important to them, but also made them feel quite sad that this is a reality for some people in other countries.

 In art, we completed different projects to commemorate Remembrance Day. Each class is working on something unique to showcase their understanding, as well as appreciation, of the meaning of Remembrance Day.

Weekly Update - October 28, 2022

In Social Studies this week, students completed their Lost Project, by creating a map of their island. Students were required to include different aspects from the entire lost project, and represent it on their map. This included the pirate attack, the other group on the island, any traps they set, their shelter, etc. 

In ELA this week, students started their Refugee novel study with a reenactment of what it could be like leaving your home with a single bag of items. Students had to pick 6 items they would like to bring with them on their journey and due to different circumstances, had to give up or lose items along their way. Students then discussed the setting and historical events happening in the story including World War 2, Cuban Raft Exodus and the Syrian War. Students also worked on how to properly analyze comics and read articles to answer questions and practiced reading comprehension on 

Students brought home a homework assignment for our Refugee unit called, “The Backpack-  Grade 6 Family Assignment”. Students are asked to complete this task at home with their family, packing a bag as if they were on the run and having to leave their home. The assignment is posted in Google Classroom. 

Weekly Update - October 21st

In Social Studies this week, students continued to work on their Lost Projects. Specifically, students found out that there was a volcano on the island that had a chance of blowing! It was everyone for themselves as they chose how to survive (choose your own adventure style). Unfortunately, some students did perish, but others did make it back to civilization where they became a well known celebrity and wrote a book that became a netflix special. Ask your student how their fate ended!

 In ELA, students completed a practice reading PAT (Provincial Achievement Test). We will use this information to target areas of growth to help students prepare for the actual PAT in June, as well as use it as a comparison tool to see their progress on the material. In addition, students analyzed their first political cartoon. This cartoon depicted King Henry walking in large footprints with the name Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in them. Students were asked to state what they saw, what they think the message is, and if they agree or disagree with what is being said. 

 Next week, students will begin reading our first novel study titled Refugee by Alan Gratz. It is a story that follows the paths of three different children from different periods of time. One is a Jewish boy from Nazi Germany, the second is a girl from Cuba, and the third is a boy escaping the Syrian war. If students are interested in having their own copies, Refugee is available in this months Scholastic Book order. 

Weekly Update - October 14th

In Grade 6 this week we had two presentations. The first was from our school nurse. This presentation helped to inform students about vaccines in regards to the history, how they work, and what they can except when the nurses come back on October 25th and 26th to administer the shots. Important to note was the strategies that students may use to help them be comfortable and ready for their immunizations at the end of the month. 

The second presentation that we had was called Get Real. This was a digital presentation by two people who are part of the LGBTQ2S+ community who told their stories about growing up. The presentation was designed to create tolerance, similar to what we talk about around culture, race and religion in schools. They also educated students on different language and terms that are used to describe someone’s identity and how to be an ally of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Overall, it was a very informative presentation with a lot of great information for students. 

The ELA teachers also had the students complete the Our School Survey this week. Students were asked to log into a computer and complete this anonymous survey about their life in and out of school. It is a way to gage how well the students are enjoying school, what kinds of issues they are seeing in and around school, and their mental health as a whole. These results stay anonymous, but the data collected is used to help teachers and staff have a direction for what our schools need to be successful in schools. 

Students have been working on finishing up some different assignments in different classes. Some have been working on finishing their paragraph writing assignments. Other classes have moved on to reading an article about the death of Queen Elizabeth and what that means for the future of Canada. 

Next week the students will be writing a practice reading PAT (Provincial Achievement Test). We will compare these results with the ones from the actual PAT in June.

Weekly Update - October 6, 2022

This week in ELA each classroom was transformed into a ‘Starbooks’ cafe where students had the opportunity to explore a variety of genres through a book tasting. When students entered the classroom, they were seated at a table with a specific genre and given seven minutes to explore the different books. They then needed to fill out a ‘menu’ at each table describing one book's genre, title, author, what the book was about, if they would read this book and why, as well as give it a rating out of five stars. Students moved around to different tables and hopefully found some new books or genres that they will enjoy reading throughout the year. Students also completed their CARs and STARs reading assessments and continued their work on paragraph writing. 

 In social studies, most students completed tasks five and six of their LOST project. During task five, groups needed to decide how they would handle a pirate attack on their island. In task six, a castaway named Jerry floated on to their island. Groups needed to decide if they would accept him onto their island, and if so what his role would be, or if they would send him away to be lost at sea. Groups were expected to work together to come up with a solution and complete individual reflection questions after each task. 

Weekly Update - September 23, 2022

ELA: This week in ELA students began working on paragraph writing and reading comprehension. Students discussed and practiced the “hamburger format” by watching the “Corn Song”. Once students were comfortable with this format, we watched a short film called “Wishgranter”. Students were asked to complete two paragraphs using prompts provided. Students were asked to answer “If you had one wish, what would it be and why?”. They were allowed to pick any wish that they wanted to explain why that wish is important to them or why they picked that wish. Students also started their Cars and Stars reading comprehension tasks. Students read different stories and answer various comprehension questions which provides feedback on each students strengths and weaknesses regarding comprehension of text. 


Social Studies: Students continued working on their LOST project in Social Studies. Students were asked to create 8-10 laws for their “society” on their island. Each group had to come up with their own laws, either chosen by the leader or the entire group, that their entire group must follow while stranded on the island. Following this, students discussed and decided on a punishment for each law they created, if someone was to not follow the rules.

Weekly Update - September 16, 2022

ELA: This week in ELA students wrote a letter to their future selves. This letter will be kept sealed until the end of the year, at which point it will be re-opened for them to discover all the changes they have made over the past year. Included in this letter are categories such as: them now, their world, their people, the things they do, and their future. Also included are little details such as a picture, their heights measured by string, and their hand or foot outline.

 Dr. Martha Cohen participated in the Terry Fox run on Friday. Prior to that, students read an article and answered various questions about Terrys life and accomplishments in order to gain a deeper understanding of the run. 


Social Studies: In addition, classes began their LOST project in Social Studies. Given the scenario of going on a class trip to Hawaii, the plane crashing (everyone survived!), and life rafts taking groups to different islands, students have had to accomplish a variety of tasks. Ask your student what their group name is, who the leader is, what role they play in their survival, and how they will make decisions as the tasks progress. 

Weekly Update - September 9, 2022

This week in ELA and Social Studies we finished discussing some of the class expectations that we have for all of the grade 6 students. As the students are experiencing a more back to normal start to the school year, we want to make sure that they are traveling safely between classes and getting used to learning in other spaces in the school. 

We also took our first trip to the Learning Commons this week. The students welcomed Mrs. Howard, our new library assistant, to the school. She went over some things for the students to know about signing out books. The next step for students will be to remember their CBE student number to make it easier for them to sign out books on their own. 

Finally, the classes continued to do some get to know you activities in class. We had discussions around what makes for a successful year in school and talked about what the students need in order to find their own success. It was a good opportunity to work in groups again and share their thoughts with each other. 

Weekly Updates

Each week there will be updates posted to let you know what is going on in the ELA and Social Studies classes. Please check back regularly in addition to visiting your child's Google Classrooms to stay informed on classwork. 

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