Weekly Update - September 18, 2020

The students have been busy this week in Humanities. We started the week by finishing up our Ball About Me Presentations to the class. These will be displayed in the classroom soon. 

Students were also asked to complete a reading comprehension test this week. This was completed using computers where students needed to fill in a missing word from a sentence. The students needed to select the best word that fit. This will give us an accurate picture of their reading comprehension level. In the coming weeks we will be looking at reading recognition and spelling. 

We also looked at the importance of wearing masks. Students discussed how masks demonstrate empathy when you wear them. They were then given the chance to design their own mask using symbols and words that are important to them. We will finish this activity next week.

Finally, students looked closely at the different sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They discussed their section within their group and then shared the findings with the class. Notes will be posted to their Google classroom.

Weekly Update - September 11, 2020

In our first almost full week of Humanities, the grade six students were introduced to a daily routine called, “Bell Ringers”.  The purpose of this activity is to transition into our learning quickly as well as incorporate many subject areas through vocabulary study and practice our literacy skills.  

Students were introduced to "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms".  We discussed the difference between a right and a freedom and explained that the Charter is a document within the Canadian Constitution.  Students created "A Charter of Me" where they brainstormed rights and freedoms that they have in school.  Examples included "I, (name), have the right to learn without distractions" and "I, (name), have the freedom to take a drink of water when I need".  Our next steps are to use these lists to create our own version for a Classroom Charter.

The grade six students have completed their first assignment on Google Classroom, “A Ball About Me”.  This task incorporated a visual art component as well as an oral presentation.  Most students have completed the first aspect and are planning their presentation for early next week.

A reminder to all students and parents to please join your respective Google Classrooms (invites were sent through EduCBE Google Emails).  All assignments, daily updates and information for what is happening in the classroom can be found there.

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