Math and Science

September 22, 2023


This week students continued working with integers and practiced plotting points on the cartesian plane. We then learned how to perform a reflection using these points over both the x and y axis. Some of the ongoing vocabulary we should be familiar with is: absolute value, magnitude, additive inverse (opposite integer) and cartesian plane. We concluded our week by completing our integers assessment which was reflecting an image (mario brothers mushroom) over the x axis. Some students will need Monday to finish this task. 



Trees and Leaves! This week in Science we spent the week exploring different trees and leaves in our own backyard (our school) ! We learned how to classify leaves in different ways. We then picked a leaf that stood out to us, sketched it and then classified it based on the various categories we studied in class. Some of us even practiced various sketching techniques. 

September 8, 2023


The first full week of school and the students were engaged  in review during the first part of the week.  They completed an “All about me” assignment.  The assignment was designed to refresh many concepts from their previous experiences.  Students also reviewed multiplication.   An introduction to integers became the focus the final two days of the week. Students investigated magnitude with positive and negative numbers several different ways.  This is part of our first unit -  Number: Quantity is measured with numbers that enable counting, labeling, comparing, and operating.


The first unit in Science is Trees and Forest.  Students have been outdoors during Science class.  They have been sketching trees and leaves. Fortunately the school property contains many native species of trees.  Students are required to identify characteristics of at least four trees found in the local environment. Students should be familiar with at least two deciduous trees and two coniferous trees. Examples should include native species, such as spruce, birch, poplar, and pine and cultivated species, such as elm and crab apple. 

Parents and guardians might be interested in the city’s urban forest website.  It details all public trees in Calgary.  Here is the city’s link Urban Forest Management (   

Weekly Updates

Each week there will be updates posted to let you know what is going on in the Math and Science classes. Please check back regularly in addition to visiting your child's Google Classrooms to stay informed on classwork. 

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