Grade 7


May 29th – Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

June 1st – Spring Concert 6pm

June 5th  – Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Field Trip 71/72 ONLY

June 6th  – Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Field Trip 73/74 ONLY

June 7th  – Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Field Trip 75/76 ONLY

June 8th  – Drama Performance 6:30pm

June 9th – Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

June 21st  – National Indigenous Peoples Day & Mural Event

June 27st  – Walking Field Trip to New Brighton Community Centre (More info to come)

June 29th  – Last Day of Classes (Report Cards in PowerSchool)

June 30th  – Appeals Day/Organizational Day – No School for Students


Please click the "Math and Science" and "Humanities" tabs to the left for weekly updates as to the specific topics students will be studying in class.


We will be utilizing Google Classroom as our online learning platform.  Students have been invited to their individual Google Classrooms by their Core teachers.

If you would like to access the classroom, please ask your child to log into their Google Account with you.  This is where all our assignments and daily lessons will be posted.  


All marks and comments will be posted to your child's Powerschool account.  You have access to your child's Powerschool and we encourage you to check it frequently as Core teachers will be updating assignment completion and grades regularly.


Because of the incredible volume of emails teachers are now receiving, we are asking that all emails from parents go to our emails and all emails from students go to our emails.  Please see the chart below to find the appropriate email.

Welcome to Grade 7!

Grade 7 Homeroom Teachers


Email for Parents

Email for Students

7-1 Mr. Dedemus 

7-2 Mrs. Feagan 

7-3 Ms. Smart 

7-4 Mrs. Dawson 

7-5 Ms. Haley 

7-6 Ms. Delcourt 

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Monday, May 29 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. It is also the provincial election day – don’t forget to vote! Have a safe long weekend. #WeAreCBE

RT @globalfestyyc: Last week, GlobalFest was a proud participant in the Bob Edwards Diversity and Peace Conference. With the theme of “Acceptance is our Superpower”, GlobalFest was able to host Virgin Radio Host Andrew Uyeno in a classroom discussion about what it means to be biracial.

Forest Lawn High School hosted the first-ever high school Esports Tournament - 8 schools competed in the popular game League of Legends, showcasing the excitement of competitive gaming and also highlighting the educational value and benefits it brings to students. #WeAreCBE

RT @EdMattersYYC: Busy? Procrastinating? Over-thinking? Remember, if you're a @yyCBEdu or @CCSD_edu student graduating this spring and applying for EducationMatters Student Awards, the application deadline is less than a week away! Start and/or finish your application ASAP:

Congratulations! Thank you Brown Bagging It for all you do to help CBE students. #WeAreCBE #bb4ck