Week of April 6th- 9th 

Humanities Week At A Glance:


Classes learned about the climate of the 1960's (social, economic, classism, technology, etc) in preparation for reading 

This week, all classes read Chapter 1 of the book. Students were introduced to how notes will be taken during this novel: 

While reading it will be important that you are writing down details about each character. This will be important for our work throughout the novel, and for us to realize some of the parts of their identities along the way. These will include things like physical descriptions (eye colour, hair colour, energy level), and elements about their personalities (their actions, their word choice / attitude, and things from their past that are shared).  Also events that impact them, or things disclosed about their lives and pasts. 

As you are reading you will be taking your character notes (and after reading). On Fridays you will be using these to create study cards, and we will have a weekly journal entry. These will have topics or questions, and at the end of the book you will be submitting 3-4 of your favorite entries (the ones you are most proud of) for marks.

Social Studies:

All classes are done their newspaper articles, which need to be submitted to their teachers by Friday, April 9th. 

As always, this will all be posted on D2L

Week of March 22- 26th 

Humanities Week At A Glance:


Students will be looking at how the world helps create their identities. From friends, family, and traditions our identity is shaped by everything. This will directly relate to our new novel study of "The Outsiders" written by S. E. Hinton. This will be a large focus of ours over the rest of the year that will cover many Language arts curriculum outcomes. 

Social Studies:

Building on our expulsion of the Acadians lesson, the students will be creating a newspaper article following a detailed formula that will put them into the shoes of a historical journalist documenting the facts about the difficult journey of the Acadian people. 

As always, this will all be posted on D2L

Week of March 1st- 5th 

Humanities Week At A Glance:


Students were introduced to Persuasive Essays. They looked at why we write persuasive work, how they are structured, and how we plan them. Our first persuasive topic is focused on the pros and cons of fast food.

Social Studies:

Students continued to look at the war for North America. From the reasons why tensions were rising between the British and French, the battle strategies of both sides, as well as the epic battles for Fortress Louisburg and Fort Quebec. 

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Week of February 16th - 19th 

Humanities Week At A Glance:

Tuesday and Wednesday - Working on, and completing, the Letter to Peter (from Cole) task, and studying for the Fur Trade Test. 

Thursday - Fur Trade Test, reading Chapters 25 & 26 of Touching Spirit Bear. 

Friday - Final prediction for Touching Spirit Bear. At this moment in the book, things can go one of two ways. Students will be making predictions (using evidence from the text) as to how they think the novel is about to end! 

This will all be posted on D2L

Week of February 8th - 10th 

1- Social Studies Fur Trade presentations (starting on Monday!)

2 - Letter to Peter task (planning to be completed on Monday, writing beginning Tuesday and Wednesday)

Both of these tasks are now in the assignments tab for students who are sick working from home, or those who have fallen behind. PLEASE REMEMBER: When looking at assignments in D2L, click the assignment itself FIRST to read its explanation, then click any attachments that are below it once you have context. 

***** The Editing Checklist for the Letter to Peter task will be uploaded Tuesday, as will the marking rubric. *****

 January 25th - 28th

It was a VERY busy week in Humanities!

All classes continued to work on their Quadrama projects (please see the task in the assignments tab) using all of the research we have done this year so far. Students who were missing / had lost their research booklets were reminded that all the resources from this school year so far are in the assignments tab.

7-1, 7-2, 7-5, 7-6 completed their Quadramas today (some students have a bit of homework).

7-3 and 7-4 have one more class period on Monday, but were encouraged to work on drawings and typing their explanations over the long weekend if possible. 

All classes read Touching Spirit Bear, and are completed until the end of Chapter 19. 

All classes also worked on What In The World current events articles this week. This was an in-class only activity (as it would not translate well through D2L), students who were absent will need to approach their teacher directly to ask for the materials to make-up this task. 

This will all be posted on D2L

Week of January 18th - 22nd

This week students completed their 13 Colonies posters, and continued to work on Cars and Stars reading assessments. 

They also began planning a new task - a quadrama! This task is the culmination of our 3 major Social Studies units of study so far this year. 

Please see the task and its description under the assignments tab for students who are sick and working from home. 

This will all be posted on D2L

Week of January 11th-15th

For students learning from this week: 

We are reading Chapters 14, 15 and 16 and taking notes on each one. There will be questions related to them posted Friday that we are answering in our Humanities notebooks.

In Social Studies students are creating posters as a summary of their British research. Each students is making a poster meant to entice people to move to the 13 Colonies. 

The parameters of this task are in the Assignments section. 

This will all be posted on D2L

January 7th 2021:

Literacy: Polish up our Touching Spirit Bear comics and loading them into d2l (Make sure you are using the rubric as your road map).

Social: We will continue to look at British colonization. We are on the home stretch of this task and you will be handing the work in when we return to in class learning. 


October 5th- October 9th

This upcoming week (October 5th-9th) grade 7 students will be taking part in the first round of our CARS and STARS assessment. CARS and STARS is a powerful combination of assessment and instruction that works effectively together to improve every student's reading comprehension. By focusing on 12 core strategies, CARS and STARS gives students the essential tools they need to improve their reading comprehension skills.

Students will also be continuing the work on The Secret path and Residential school. We will be continuing to looking at Chanie Wenjack stories including: watching videos, reading articles, and creating some thought provoking art based on the story. 

September 21- September 24

This upcoming week (September 21st - 24th) we will continue our investigation into the first Aboriginal Societies that Europeans came in contact with. We are learning to find commonalities, differences, and to isolate key information - all while thinking critically. Students are also going to be continuing their work around summarizing, transitioning from summarizing after viewing into summarizing after reading. Our focus will be on learning about Terry Fox, and beginning to recognize Personality Traits and examples where he exemplified them.

September 14- September 18

In Literacy,  students will begin working on developing and implementing their summarizing skills. By watching and listening they will be looking for key moments and ideas within stories and creating a summarized piece of writing. 

In Social Studies, students will start to investigate 3 different First Nations with whom the European settlers had contact with. They will be looking for things such as the similarities and differences in things such as traditions, decision making, and more. 

D2L will also be opened this week and teachers will show students how to access work and more.  

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