Grade 8

Have a Wonderful Summer!

We would like to wish you a safe and relaxing summer break. This has been a challenging year but together we made it.

Thank-you for all your hard work this year and see you in Grade 9!

Your first day back will be September 2nd. Please see the main back to school information page for further details:


Please click the "Math and Science" and "Humanities" tabs to the left for weekly updates as to the specific topics students will be studying in class. 


Brightspace by D2L is an online learning platform that all students grade 7-9 will be using to access assignments and resources that have been delivered in the classroom. 

To login, just google “CBE D2L” or click this link: 

  1. Enter the same user ID and password that you would to login to a computer at school.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see your Courses.  These are D2L shells that your teachers have set up for you.
  3. Click on the Course you want to go into.

Contact Information

TeacherEmail for parentsEmail for students

Ms. Mak - Science 81 &
Mr. Clovis - Humanities 81 &
Ms. Streeter - Math 83 &
Ms. Pearce - Humanities 83 &
Mr. Campbell - Science 85 &
Ms. Odland - Humanities 85 &
Mr. Honish - Math 81 &
Mr. Acimov - Science 83 &
Ms. Potts - Math 85 & 86
Mr. Doiron- CTF/Options Learning
Ms. Morris- Phys. Ed

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