November 15- November 19

Students will be sharing their Aztec artifacts within small groups. They will be demonstrating their understanding of worldview through their ability to speak to how their artifact represents their research, inferencing through their research and overarching worldview elements. 

Students will also be asked to identify and chart various worldviews that they hear while listening to these small group presentations. 

October 25- November 10

Students have been working on their ability to recognize important information and discard irrelevant information through the research process. They have utilized  various texts to answer questions they created within their research plan. Students worked independently to then break down larger pieces of their categories and research into 10 important points. Students were to demonstrate the ability to then take those points and categorize them within the elements of Worldview.  

 We are now using inferencing skills to take a deeper look into specific worldview elements that each student deemed important in their research. Students are being asked to generalize an Aztec worldview statement that reflects their most important points from their research overall. We are using this statement to begin building an Aztec artifact. Students are to begin planning on Friday Nov 5 and will use class time in the coming week to begin building. Students can share their plan with parents as they will need to bring materials from home to complete this part of the Aztec project. Teachers will send a messenger home with more information regarding potential project needs. 

October 19-22

Students have been working on  beginning their Aztec Way of Life research plan. They have worked in small groups in order to categorize and organize their questions and will now take that information and demonstrate their independent ability to begin their research plans. They will need  relevant  categories and questions to ensure they cover what they need in the inquiry process as they begin to read through information and gather what they deem to be important. Please review the Aztec way of Life assignment as this will develop over the next couple of weeks. 

 In literacy we continue to look at the 4 narrative modes. We have worked in partnerships to practice writing narratives utilizing these modes while gathering feedback. Using this feedback, we will now begin to write our own while basing the narrative on our characters we started to build in previous weeks. 

September 20-24

Students will be continuing their beginning understanding of worldview. We will continue to review the elements of worldview as they start to dive into recognizing how their own worldview is developed. They will begin to gain an understanding of what it is they deem important in their lives that shapes their worldview.

In literacy, we will be starting work with character analysis within short story. We will be starting to build our analysis using evidence from text that the students will be reading independently. 

September 13-17

Students examined and remembered the events of 9/11. They later applied their understandings of this historical event in relation to the current takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. Students practiced their reading comprehension and inferencing skills by working through an article about this current event. They also completed a Worldview survey in order to start thinking about where they individually stand on certain worldviews.  

September 7-10

HUM (social) – We have started looking at the terms point of view, individual, perspective and society and how they relate/build into the larger concept of worldview. What factors influence or guide point of view and perspective.

 HUM (L.A.) – We explored literal and figurative meaning through a media text (video) in order to build into and better understand messages/themes that are communicated in various ways through text. We will also start practicing the skill of finding the BEST evidence to support our answer. Students visited the Learning Commons and were able to sign out books for class. 

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