September 11-15

This week in ELA we had students complete a reading assessment to allow us to see each student’s areas of growth which will then allow us to plan their next steps. We continue to have students complete Quick Writes once or twice throughout the week which is helping to ease students back into the art of writing. 

In social studies, we took a look at some issues that affect our students, communities, and us as Canadians. Students were given the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas during class discussions. We then looked at what it means to be Canadian and how that is tied to our values and beliefs. Students are working on a visual representation of what it means to be Canadian.

** A reminder that our Welcome Back BBQ and Meet the Teacher will be taking place on Thursday, September 21 starting at 4PM with sessions starting at 5:30 and the second session at 6:20. We hope to see you there. 

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