June 14-18

This week students will finish reading Macbeth graphic novel and take part in the year end debates and speeches.  We will also spend time during Chimera Time preparing for the Social Studies final exam scheduled the week of June 21st.  The test is intended for students to demonstrate their understanding and skills developed throughout the year.  Their scores will only be used to increase their marks.


This school year, our students have learned about the indigenous history regarding colonization, the Indian Act, Treaties 6, 7, & 8, and residential schools.  We have also explored indigenous collective rights guaranteed by the Canadian Constitution and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action.  As part of our studies, we have also looked at varying perspectives on indigenous issues including confronting problematic stereotypes and systemic racism.  Some of the resources that we have used include APTN's First Contact documentary series and Clouds of Autumn (won 2015 best Canadian short drama imagineNATIVE film).

June 7-11

Students will start the process for their year-end debates or speeches.  We will also start reading the graphic novel Macbeth.

May 31-June 1

Students will need to complete, by June 1st, the DMC Goodreads book review (assigned in February) through the link on the Humanities D2L page.  This week students will take part in a final writing assessment based on The Lord of the Flies.  Students will prepare a detailed outline in class and then use that outline to write an article in two periods.  This assessment encompasses many of the writing outcomes that we have practiced working on this year.  We will also start preparing for our final year-end formal debates or speeches.

May 25-28 - Welcome back!

Spoken word poetry assignment is due Monday, May 24th as we will be starting a new final writing project this week.  Parents were emailed permission to view the film Lord of the Flies.  Please reply to the email if you do not want your student to view.  Students will also need to complete, by June 1st, the DMC Goodreads book review through the link on the Humanities D2L page.

May 17-20

This week students will be asked to go over the spoken word poetry rubric to ensure their poems include all of the criteria.  They will then be asked to record themselves and upload by the end of the week.  We also have planned a virtual meeting with our MP, Tom Kmiec on Thursday.  Students will have an opportunity to ask questions.

May 10-14

This week students will learn how to write a metaphor before writing their own spoken word poem.  The poems will be due by the end of the week.  We will also be starting on a new project as part of our economics unit where students are asked to consider the importance of tourism in Alberta's economy, and will be required to create two products that will persuasively attract tourists and boost our tourism industry.

May 3-7

This week students will be preparing to write their own spoken word poetry after looking at several more examples.  The intent of this assignment is to have students demonstrate their understanding of literary devices and parallelism in writing.  They are also encouraged to have a little fun with the topic of their poem.  We will also continue on with economics and continue with our conversation around wealth inequality in capitalist economies.

April 27-30

For this online learning week we will be taking a close look at Spoken Word Poetry.  Students will be starting an activity on Tuesday.  We will also continue with learning about economics and students will participate in an online simulation "Make the Month" to develop an understanding and appreciation of cost of living and income inequality.

April 19-23

This week students will complete their 6-word memoirs and continue learning about macroeconomics concepts and the economic spectrum.

April 12-16

Students will be presenting their consumerism projects on Monday & Tuesday.  We will also be wrapping up consumerism and quality of life with a small pop quiz on Wednesday.  The rest of the week students will learn more about economics concepts by taking part in a scarcity and supply and demand simulation.

April 6-9

Welcome back!  This week students will be taking their research for the consumerism project and putting it together into a presentation of their choice.  We will also start learning about different economic systems with a focus on the market systems in the USA and mixed system in Canada.

March 22 - 26

This week students will be working on a writing assignment where they need to provide evidence from the short story "The Veldt" to support the theme and connect to the text.  We will also be working on a consumerism project that will need to be completed by Friday.

March 15 - 19

This week students will be looking at the concept of ethical consumerism and discussing how consumers have influence in the economy through boycotting, and how governments play a role in consumer safety.  Students will be working on a summatively assessed task in order to demonstrate their understanding of consumerism, as well as research and presentation skills.  We will also be reading the short story The Veldt and working on identifying the theme and supporting with evidence from the story.

March 8 - 10

This week students will finish writing o business letters to Ric McIver, Hays MLA, Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure, and Shane Keating, Councillor Ward 12 in an effort to get a playground zone and changes to the 3-way intersection.  We will also be watching Dr. Seus "The Lorax" for our consumerism and quality of life mini-unit.

March 1-5

This week we are starting our new Economics unit by looking at the concept quality of life.  Students will also be writing their business letters regarding crosswalk safety and obtaining a playground zone for our school community.

Feb 22-26

We will be wrapping up our Justice unit this week by looking at actual youth crime cases, and students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of the Youth Criminal Justice Act by explaining how each case would be treated in our youth justice system.  The Justice Unit Final Test will be on Thursday.  Students will have time to review in class.

Feb 16-19

Our student-teacher, Ms. Brewster, is back for the next 8 weeks to finish her practicum.  This week students will take part in a mock trial.  We will also begin to learn how to write a business letter in preparation for writing to our city councilor and City of Calgary traffic department regarding pedestrian safety at DMC.

Feb 8-10

No homework unless the Correctional System persuasive paragraph is not handed in.  This short week, students will take part in our panel discussion on Canada's correctional systems as part of our Justice unit.  Ms. Kelly, our Library specialist will also be visiting our classrooms for a book talk as we are asking students to find a good book to read for term II.  There will also be an assignment associated with the book that students choose to read.

Feb 1 - 5

No homework.  This week we will be starting a new assignment where students will compare and contrast the correctional system in Norway vs USA.  Then they will be given a role and must present to the Department of Justice (mock) their argument for prison reform from their perspective.  This will require students to research, work collaboratively with a small group, and speak to a panel.  We will also look at the David Milgaard case and analyze Tragically Hip "Wheat Kings" song lyrics.

Jan 25-28

93 & 94 - Injustice visuals are due Monday.  91, 92, 95 have Monday to work on them.  This week we will read a short story about restorative justice before starting on our mini-unit on Youth Criminal Justice.

Jan 18-22

The Immigration Unit Final test is on Tuesday (91, 92, 93, 94) and Wednesday (95).  We will spend some time reviewing on Monday.  Then, we will be starting on our Criminal Justice Unit by having students explore the concepts "justice" and "injustice" in preparation for an upcoming assignment.

Jan 11-15

DEADLINE FOR HANDING IN LATE ASSIGNMENTS IS WEDNESDAY.  Anything handed in after this date will be used as an assessment for report card #2.  This week we will continue learning about Canada's immigration policy and the three categories that immigrants apply for entry- economic, refugee, and family.   Expect a final unit test next week.  Students will also write a reading comprehension quiz to assess for growth in this skill. 

Jan 5-8

This week we will begin our Immigration unit and discuss issues related to our government's immigration policy.  Students should have submitted their short stories before the break, but if not, they need to be handed in by the end of this week at the latest as this is an important writing assessment for upcoming report cards.

Dec 14-18

There will be a Rights and Freedoms Unit test on Wednesday.  Review material will be posted on D2L.  Students will also work on their perspective short stories - due date Friday.  We will also continue with our mini-lessons on punctuation.

Dec 7-11

This week students will share their anti-bullying persuasive messages which is due Monday morning.  The perspective writing assignment is also due Sunday night.  Students will be asked to infer the object telling the story based upon evidence from the each students' story.  It is very important that these two assignments are complete as they will be part of our work on Monday.  The rest of the week will involve learning about collective rights and preparing for a narrative writing assignment.

Nov 30-Dec 3

Students need to finish the novel Speak (link on D2L) and complete activities #5 & 6.  We have started the Human Rights Violation museum exhibit project last week.  They will have approximately 2 more periods to work on this and then will need to upload to D2L by Thursday.  We will also start an new narrative writing assignment on Tuesday where students need to write from the perspective of an inanimate object.

Nov 23-27

Harrison Bergeron irony, motif, and characterization paragraphs are due Monday (upload to D2L under the assignment tab).  This week we will take a look at the concept discrimination and relate to our charter rights.  Students will then begin a project on the the history of violation of rights in Canada, or can choose to create a rant as an alternate.  We will also finish our novel Speak and students will complete the last 3 activities in their chronicle and hand in by the end of the week.

Nov 16-18

Rough copies of paragraphs - Irony, Motif, and Characterization are due Monday.  We will have a lesson on editing and revising and sentence variety, and then apply our learning to making our paragraphs better before typing up our good copies.  As access to computers is limited this year, students are encouraged to bring their own devices.  Students will also finish reading Speak and complete the last 3 activities for health and ELA assessment.

Nov 9-13

Remember no school on Nov. 11th.

No homework unless missing assignments - please check PowerSchool.  This week we will be writing expository paragraphs where students will provide evidence of how irony, symbolism, and characterization in the story Harrison Bergeron support the theme.  We will also continue learning about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and have a reading assignment where students will have to practice summarizing skills.

Nov 2-6

Homework for 93 & 94 - Harrison Bergeron questions (choose 5 + last 3) due Monday.  You must have this step done before joining a small group for discussion.  This week we will work on a writing project for Harrison Bergeron and continue with learning about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

October 26-29

No homework unless PowerSchool indicates missing assignments.  This week we will start our learning about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  We will also be reading a short story, practicing reading comprehension strategies, and completing a writing assignment.

October 19-23

Rough draft of Federal Government Representation due Monday.  Assignment and all resources can be found on d2l. We will have two copies to make the good copy which is due Wednesday.  Federal Government test on Wednesday and students will be allowed to use their representation assignment for the test.  We will also be starting a novel study this week.

Tuesday:  Review for test tomorrow.  Create "Chronicles of Speak" booklet for novel study.  

Wednesday:  Federal Government test

Thursday:  Review of figurative language.  Chronicles of Speak activity #1

October 13-16

Homework:  Federal government vocab due Monday.  This week we will be starting a project where students will make sense of the structure and function of the Federal Government and be asked to create a representation to show their understanding.  We will also start reading our first short story. 

October 5-8

No homework unless missing assignments in PowerSchool (good time to check).  This week we will be look at our election results and come to an understanding of our electoral systems first past the post vs popular vote.  Students will complete their Bias in the Media scavenger hunt and present their findings to the class.  We will also begin a project where students will have to demonstrate their understanding of the structure and function of our federal government.

September 28 - October 2

Homework:  Part II of Pandemic project Comparing and Contrasting 1918 Pandemic to 2020 COVID Pandemic due Monday.  Students can either upload or hand in the bucket in class.  The assignment and resources can be found on d2l.

This week we will be looking at Federal political parties and their platforms and students will decide on what party aligns best with their values and beliefs.  We will also be learning about bias in the media and discussing current issues with social media.

September 21-24

Homework for Monday:  Part I of the Comparing and Contrasting 1918 Pandemic to 2020 COVID Pandemic is due.  Students will work on and complete Part II in class this week (due date to be determined).  All resources for the project can be found under the Content section - Social Studies folder.

Students are asked to have a book to read for next week.  The E-Library and sign-out form can be found on the homepage (this page) of D2L.

This week students will be learning about the political spectrum and Federal political party platforms.  They will also be discussing "What does it mean to be Canadian?".  Do we have a national Canadian Identity, or are our identities mostly region?

No school Friday - PD day.

September 14-18

Homework due Monday - Mask assignment.  The assignment can be found on d2l.  This week we will be starting a project comparing and contrasting the historical 1918 pandemic to modern day.  Student will be selecting information from primary and secondary sources and organizing into a graphic organizer in the first part of the assignment.  They will then apply their knowledge and understanding by making a two persuasive products, each being from the two different time periods.  We will also start looking at the political spectrum in preparation for learning about the Federal government.

September 8-11

This week students will be working on an assignment that asks them to express a message that they would like to convey to the world by creatively designing a mask.  We will also be looking at issues for Canadians and students will express their opinions on a variety of issues via a google form as to collect data and discuss our point of views.

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