October 19-23

Rough draft of Federal Government Representation due Monday.  Assignment and all resources can be found on d2l. We will have two copies to make the good copy which is due Wednesday.  Federal Government test on Wednesday and students will be allowed to use their representation assignment for the test.  We will also be starting a novel study this week.

Tuesday:  Review for test tomorrow.  Create "Chronicles of Speak" booklet for novel study.  

Wednesday:  Federal Government test

Thursday:  Review of figurative language.  Chronicles of Speak activity #1

October 13-16

Homework:  Federal government vocab due Monday.  This week we will be starting a project where students will make sense of the structure and function of the Federal Government and be asked to create a representation to show their understanding.  We will also start reading our first short story. 

October 5-8

No homework unless missing assignments in PowerSchool (good time to check).  This week we will be look at our election results and come to an understanding of our electoral systems first past the post vs popular vote.  Students will complete their Bias in the Media scavenger hunt and present their findings to the class.  We will also begin a project where students will have to demonstrate their understanding of the structure and function of our federal government.

September 28 - October 2

Homework:  Part II of Pandemic project Comparing and Contrasting 1918 Pandemic to 2020 COVID Pandemic due Monday.  Students can either upload or hand in the bucket in class.  The assignment and resources can be found on d2l.

This week we will be looking at Federal political parties and their platforms and students will decide on what party aligns best with their values and beliefs.  We will also be learning about bias in the media and discussing current issues with social media.

September 21-24

Homework for Monday:  Part I of the Comparing and Contrasting 1918 Pandemic to 2020 COVID Pandemic is due.  Students will work on and complete Part II in class this week (due date to be determined).  All resources for the project can be found under the Content section - Social Studies folder.

Students are asked to have a book to read for next week.  The E-Library and sign-out form can be found on the homepage (this page) of D2L.

This week students will be learning about the political spectrum and Federal political party platforms.  They will also be discussing "What does it mean to be Canadian?".  Do we have a national Canadian Identity, or are our identities mostly region?

No school Friday - PD day.

September 14-18

Homework due Monday - Mask assignment.  The assignment can be found on d2l.  This week we will be starting a project comparing and contrasting the historical 1918 pandemic to modern day.  Student will be selecting information from primary and secondary sources and organizing into a graphic organizer in the first part of the assignment.  They will then apply their knowledge and understanding by making a two persuasive products, each being from the two different time periods.  We will also start looking at the political spectrum in preparation for learning about the Federal government.

September 8-11

This week students will be working on an assignment that asks them to express a message that they would like to convey to the world by creatively designing a mask.  We will also be looking at issues for Canadians and students will express their opinions on a variety of issues via a google form as to collect data and discuss our point of views.

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RT @southlandbus: This week is #SchoolBusSafetyWeek! In recognition, we will be sharing daily safety tips from Oct 19th to 23rd. Tip #3: Winter Weather • Dress for the weather! Frostbite can happen in minutes. • Never leave a child at a bus stop. Weather and traffic can cause route delays.

RT @ArbourLake_CBE: Grade 7s learn about Pop Art and Romero Britto. #popart

Spooky art done by some talented #WeAreCBE students!

Did you know that October is International Walk to School Month? (yes, even in the snow) Learn more and find school zone traffic safety tips from the @cityofcalgary’s Safe and Active Routes to School page: #yyc #WeAreCBE