Week of November 20

Grade 9s have begun to simplify polynomials. The most important knowledge piece to take from this is that opposites create 0.  We will then move in to multiplying and dividing polynomials by a constant.


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Week of November 6

Grade 9s are going to be starting Polynomials this week.  We will begin by looking at what a polynomial is.  There will be a lot of new terminology that will be used when discussing these concepts as well (monomial, degree, etc).  An good understanding of polynomials will be very beneficial moving forward in to high school.

Students will be introduced to simplifying polynomials before multiplying and dividing by constants.  Later in the school year, we will revisit these concepts when we will be adding and subtracting polynomials.

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Week of October 23/30

Grade 9s have been working on creating expressions from patterns.  We have used t-tables to create these pattern rules which are then used to make predictions in the patterns.  This will be a short piece as we will be revisiting these concepts later in the year.

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Week of October 17

Grade 9s have finished their work with square roots.  We will move into some patterning.  Students will be creating a pattern arising from a problem-solving context, using a linear equation.  This will be similar to what they have done in grade 8.  

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Week of October 2

Grade 9s have recently completed their work, for the time being, with powers and exponent laws.  We have now moved in to our study of square roots.  Square roots were introduced last year.  However, this year, we will be working with square roots of fractions and decimals.  This will be a short piece so expect it to be done by the end of next week.


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Week of September 25

Grade 9s are currently working with the exponent laws.  A good foundation of the exponent laws is required for success moving in to high school.  We will have a final assessment with the conclusion of the exponent laws.


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Week on September 18

Welcome back to DMC Grade 9s.  We are very excited to see each and every one of you in our math classes this year.  We look forward to getting to know all of you and working with you this year.

Grade 9s will be starting their year with exponents.  This is fairly brand new for grade 9s as they have not had any previous work with exponents.

If you are having some difficulties with these concepts, watch these:

What is a Power:

0 Exponent:

Decimals and Fractions with Exponents:


Now, try these:

What is a Power:

Evaluating Powers:

Decimals and Fractions with Exponents:

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