Classes & Departments

Our focus and our passion is to build a positive relationship with each of our students and their families. In an effort to facilitate this we try to minimize the number of teachers students see during the typical school day.

Core Classes

Students in Grade 5 will have generalist for their core subjects.

Students in Grade 6 to 7 will have one teacher for language arts and social studies (Humanities) and one teacher for math and science. In grade 8 and 9 there is one teacher for humanities and separate specialists for math and science.

View Our Staff page for a full list of our teachers and administration.

Generalists Grade 5

Grade 5 -Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Scott, Mr. Dedemus, Ms. Nordstrom, Mrs. Hertwig, Mrs. Reid

Math And Science Department

Grade 6 - Ms. Smart, Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Fagnan

Grade 7 - Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Twa, Miss Manning

Grade 8 and 9 - Mr. Honish, Mrs. Mak, Mr. Acimov, Ms. Streeter, Mr. Campbell, Ms. Potts


Grade 6 - Mr. Servos, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Allen

Grade 7 - Mrs. Feagan, Mr. Apperley, Ms. Delcourt

Grade 8 - Mr. Clovis, Ms. Odland, Ms. Pearce

Grade 9 - Mrs. Terris, Ms. Dvorkin, Mr. Kinch

Complimentary and Career and Technology Foundations

Mr. Doiron - Learning Leader

Ms. Manning

Ms. Nestrovich

Physical Education

Mrs. Morris - Learning Leader

Mr. Reimer

Mr. Kresack

Student Services

Mrs. Thompson - Learning Leader

Mrs. Twa

Ms. Mikuska

Ms. Potts - Math

Ms. Odland - Literacy

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