Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study. 

Complementary Courses

Exploring Career Choices

Dr. Martha Cohen School operates on a day A/B schedule. Monday and Wednesday are day A and on this day every class takes part in our CTF program. Tuesday and Wednesday are Day B, during this time students choose option classes to take part in.

CTF and Complementary Courses 

In grade 5 and 6 our students have the opportunity to explore a variety of learning opportunities from our CTF and complementary options. These students get a little bit of everything so they can make informed decisions when the reach grade 7.

In grade 7 to 9 students choice from a variety of courses such as: Options – Art, drama, media design, construction, food (culinary arts), band


The band program does not require previous musical experience. If you are interested in joining band as a beginner in grade 9, please discuss with Ms. Manning. Students will learn basic instrumental technique with an emphasis on theory, note reading, and performance. Students will perform in a variety of settings throughout the school year, and will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular music ensembles such as jazz band, choir, touring band, and ukulele club. The DMCS band program emphasizes teamwork, sense of community, collaboration, discipline, resiliency, and most important, lifelong enjoyment of music. There is a $25 course fee for all students and a $100 instrument rental fee for students using DMCS instruments.

Vocal Music

No previous musical experience required. Vocal music will provide students with the opportunity to explore the voice through singing, speech, listening, and performance. There is a focus on developing vocal technique, appreciation of various musical genres, increasing self-confidence, and collaboration through group and choral singing. Students will also develop musical literacy and basic theory skills. There is a $10 course fee.


(Grade 8 and 9) No previous musical experience required. This is an introductory course to guitar playing. Students will focus on basic guitar technique, general music theory, and learn to read both traditional and tablature notation through a variety of musical activities, performance projects, playing tests, and written assignments There is a $10 course fee for all students and a $100 instrument rental fee for students using DMCS instruments.


Want to be the next Picasso, Stan Lee or Leonardo da Vinci? In Art students will gain experience with a wide variety of materials and artmaking techniques. Students will draw, paint, sculpt and be introduced to ways of observing and translating visual information to make powerful statements. No experience necessary! Student assessment will include self-assessment, observation of student work, sketchbooks, art critiques, and the evaluation of finished projects using rubrics. Students will be encouraged to explore their interests, while developing artistic and technical skills. There is a $25 course fee.

Communication Technology

This course introduces students to communications technology from a media perspective. Students will work in the areas of TV/video and movie production, radio and audio production, print and graphic communications, photography, and animation. Student projects will include computer-based activities such as creating videos, editing photos, working with audio, cartooning, developing animations, and designing web pages. Students will also develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues related to communications technology. There is a $25 course fee.


In this course, students will be introduced to shop safety and shop responsibilities. Proper techniques on how to use hand and power tools will be extensively practiced. Students will gain skills and experience with tools, while creating a variety of small woodworking projects. Students will design, create and appraise woodworking projects. Students will learn how to use basic drafting concepts; how to use tools and machines in a safe environment; identify and describe the safe use of some basic hand tools and use power tools. There is a $25 course fee.

Design Studies

In this course, students will learn how to harness their creative and critical thinking skills to complete various challenges by engaging in the design process and using a variety of materials. Working both independently and in teams, students will participate in a variety of design challenges to create possible solutions, then build, test, revise, and reflect on their designs. There is a $25 course fee.


No previous acting experience required! This course is an introduction to drama and theatre. Students will develop fundamental performance and theatre skills through active involvement in the theatre disciplines of movement, speech, improvisation, technical theatre and theatre history. This course is designed to help foster a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life by the assumption of roles and by the acquisition of dramatic skills. Full participation and a positive attitude are essential for success. There is a $25 course fee.

Fashion Studies

No previous experience required. Students will gain an understanding of the safe use and care of sewing and pressing equipment, core methods in the layout and construction of different projects and garments as well as hand sewing techniques. The program involves both creativity and technical skills. Students will be able to create useful and personalized projects such as teddy bears, felt animals, pencil cases, eyebags, drawstring backpacks, sports bags, boxers shorts, t-shirts and hoodies. There is a $25 course fee.


Students will learn proper food safety, sanitation, and handling skills, as well as techniques such as measuring, knife skills, stove top skills such as sautéing, baking, and cake decoration. Students will have the opportunity to create a variety of delicious dishes such as breadsticks, cinnamon buns, stir fry, Spanish rice, pastas, cupcakes, pies, and more! In addition to practical skills, students will develop an understanding of how to plan nutritious meals and snacks for themselves and their families. The DMCS foods program emphasizes safety, teamwork, and collaboration, and hard work. There is a $25 course fee.


Do you want to get more involved in your school community? Do you want to help plan and implement fun activities at the school? Do you want to become a mentor to others? Do you want to be an active citizen who makes a difference in your school and community? Leadership is a class for students who want to make a change and determine what kind of school DMCS should be. You will participate in a variety of activities that you help design, developing your own personal leadership style. Some examples would be helping to plan and run assemblies and after school events, fundraising for charities and school requests, organizing intramural tournaments, and spirit days

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