Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalDenise Nimmo
Assistant PrincipalStephanie Bender
Administrative AssistantsLinda Melnyk
Julie Klippenstein

Teaching Staff

GradeName & Email

4-5 (Teal)Melanie Tempel
Leah LeBouthillier
4-5 (Yellow)Babley Sidhu
Tara Hines
5-6 (Orange)Richelle Trudeau
Randi Willmore
5-6 (Red)Margo Henwood
Sam Quinn
6-7 (Purple)Courteney Canning
Marnee Somers
7 (Blue)Brianne Paul
Andra Coulter
7,8,9 (Green)Holly Zimmermann
Cheryl Rosenbaum

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Technology Learning LeaderJay Stringer
Literacy Learning Leader and Literacy Support TeachersLisa BrydenJanet Pletz, and Monica McKinlay
Psychologist (School-based)Paige Feurer
Physical EducationCharlee Wray
Library Assistant
Education AssistantsArjeta Devolli
Jane Anne Skeet-Maryka
Lunchroom Supervisor
Tatiana Dubova
Facility Operators
Bruce Lilji

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