Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalDenise Nimmo
Assistant PrincipalMeagan Song
Administrative AssistantsLinda Melnyk
Julie Klippenstein

Teaching Staff

GradeName & Email

4-5 (Teal)Leah LeBouthillier
Carissa Kozelj
5-6 (Yellow)Babley Sidhu
Dianne Lyle 
5-6 (Orange)Richelle Trudeau
Randi Willmore
5-6 (Red)Margo Henwood
Sam Quinn
6-7 (Purple)Vimla Panday
Jay Stringer/Marnee Somers
6-7 (Blue)Holly Zimmermann
Andra Coulter
7,8,9 (Green)Tara Stenhouse
Tara Hines

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Technology Learning LeaderJay Stringer
Literacy Learning Leader and Literacy Support TeachersLisa Bryden and Janet Pletz, Monica McKinlay and Marnee Somers
Psychologist (School-based)Paige Feurer
Physical EducationCharlee Wray
Library Assistant
Education AssistantArjeta Devolli
Lunchroom Supervisor
Tatiana Dubova
Facility Operators
Bruce Lilji

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Great job by students from @MandelaUnited! So great to see students giving back to their communities #WeAreCBE https://t.co/rLn8VaAMGb

Is it back to school time already? Not quite, but modified calendar schools return on Aug 15 and traditional calendar schools on Sept 1. Here’s some information for anyone planning ahead: https://t.co/nU3jnXjrR5 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/sbothWf3wy

There is still time to apply to be part of the 2022-23 Minister’s Parent & Teacher Advisory Councils. The deadline has been extended until Monday, Aug. 15 #yycbe https://t.co/ZXe19tQIJy

These new inclusive playgrounds look like fun for everyone! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/JbmIxJRftI

Congratulations! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/Slu3MRi4uv

Congratulations #WeAreCBE https://t.co/BVN4suIjOc

CBE schools are now closed until August. Thank you to all school staff for your extraordinary service. We recognize the care, compassion and kindness you have shown each and every day to students, families and one another. Wishing you a restful, joyful and safe summer. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/5LrcfDKAz7